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What would it take for you to consider the Broncos draft a success?

I asked the MHR what they’re looking for this year to make the Denver Broncos draft class a success.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders
Can John find another Lindsay?
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What would it take for you to consider this draft a success?

Luke: Instant day 1 starter with 1st round pick. Improved special teams

Scotty: Adding players who fit the scheme in an area of need and/or getting a QB of the future on the roster.

Kevin: Bring in guys who aren’t idiots and who will help the culture of the locker room. It’s no secret that since PFM left the atmosphere hasn’t been the greatest. I think they are on their way to fixing that and another good draft would be a big boost to making a winning environment.

Joe M: I like the strategy that has been used by the Broncos in the past - draft players who were their team’s leader in college. Also focus on guys who are smart, and durable. The approach of drafting a host of players who are injured and/or injury prone but have high upside has been a failed strategy. Let’s move away from that.

Adam: The 2018 draft was Elway’s best (aside from drafting Von), but typically it takes a few seasons to truly evaluate a draft. If Denver can stick to the BPA approach, the draft will fall into place, and should work out. Reaching for players, or panic picking is a no-no.

Ian St. Clair: Whatever Elway and the Broncos did in 2018, do it in 2019. That draft set the tone, so the expectation is (and better be) to have the same impact and value this year.

Taylor: I think the Broncos hit on a smart strategy in the 2018 draft by, if I recall correctly, exclusively drafting 3 and 4 year college starters. The experience level of the rookies showed, translating itself into instant impact from the draft class. So to me a successful 2019 draft would start with heavily featuring the same strategy: 3 and 4 year starters, with wiggle room for BPA.

Ian H: They’re certainly heading to the draft with needs, which usually sets you up for disaster. However, their needs: tight end, cornerback, tackle, inside linebacker, center, guard, safety, wide receiver, and quarterback.

If they were to somehow address all of those needs I would define that as success: TE1, CB3, LT1, ILB2, C1, G1, SS1, WR4, & QB2.

Hart: I’d like to see the Broncos come out of the draft by finding long-term starters at need positions like tight end and interior offensive line. I’d also like to see them find prospects with starting potential at every level of the defense. Sprinkle in another receiving threat (speed guy with return ability) and you have the makings of a quality draft.

Laurie: What Chris said. If the 2019 draft follows the 2018 pattern - rookies able to contribute as starters because they earned the position - plus some depth/future starters at key positions in the next year and beyond, that will be a draft that improves the team significantly and that’s all you can ask.


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