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Drew Lock is having his official pre-draft visit with the Broncos on Monday

It started last night and will continue through today. The Denver Broncos are having a pre-draft meeting with Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

According to multiple reports, former Missouri quarterback Drew Lock is having his official top-30 pre-draft visit with the Denver Broncos. This meeting will begin Sunday night and carry through Monday.

The Broncos interest in Lock has long been rumored. Per reports, General Manager John Elway was “smitten“ with the Missouri gunslinger after attending a game during the season to scout Lock and seeing him at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. There are even reports/rumors that Elway even told Lock that he would be a “Top 10 pick” in the draft.


We also have a rumor/report that newly hired Broncos Head coach Vic Fangio reached out one of his former players who is associated with Missouri and knows Lock well about his thoughts on him. That player being former Missouri defensive tackle and 49er great, Justin Smith. He told his former Defensive Coordinator that he believed that Lock is the best quarterback in the draft.

The connections and rumors between the Broncos and Lock have continued as he is the prospect most often mocked to the Broncos. These connections, rumors and reports could start getting louder depending how this visit goes between Lock and the Broncos.

I’m just guessing, but I imagine Lock, his agent, Elway and some of his people are likely having dinner tonight talking things over before having a meeting at the facility tomorrow. There they will likely show him around the facility, maybe get him on the board, and potentially even have him workout a little bit for them. Either way, this is where Lock can completely win Elway and his people over or make them completely think over their draft plans.

Now, I know the Broncos are working out and/or meeting with all of the top quarterbacks. They traveled to Duke to workout Daniel Jones recently, have former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins coming in for a pre-draft visit, as well as Kyler Murray reportedly doing the same as well.

However, the Broncos and Elway have been rather transparent in the past about their interests and once again appear to be showing their hand a bit here. There is very little tying the Broncos to Haskins and Jones outside of some media speculation pairing a top ranked quarterback with a quarterback needy team. As for Murray, Elway made his thoughts known about Murray at the Combine and he’s likely the top overall pick anyways.

So in the end, Lock appears to be in play for the Broncos at 10th overall if he’s available and all signs are pointing to him being the favorite for the pick. Could Elway and the Broncos be pulling off a masterful smokescreen? Possibly, but history says they probably aren’t. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the coming days/weeks about the Broncos and their interest in Drew Lock.