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Elway has learned to cross his T’s

John Elway has met with Drew Lock, but it might just mean he’s learned from his mistakes.

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John Elway and company are now (or have been) meeting with Drew Lock for an extended look at the youngster QB and this extra special visit forces us to wonder; is he the guy for the Denver Broncos at #10?

There’s no way that they would spend multiple days with the guy and perhaps even have a slumber party (in the podcast above we talk about whether Elway has Big Bird or Boba Fett PJs) and not be seriously interested in picking him as your top pick in the 2019 draft. Right?

This is proof positive for the pro-Lock people that the decision has been made and if the Missouri Quarterback is available (which is not guaranteed), the Broncos will give him the task of being the next franchise QB.

Except….it’s not.

Elway has finally learned that he must practice all due diligence and he can’t again make the mistake of drafting guys early that he never even met with. (See Paxton Lynch). He learned with Mike Munchak that meeting with a coach/player and getting to know him can never hurt. If he had settled for Fangio and not brought in Munchak the Broncos wouldn’t now have the best OL coach in the NFL now on their sideline right beside Vic Fangio. Elway crossed his T’s and dotted his I’s and it paid off. The less recent past didn’t bring the same success stories and the Denver GM has seemingly learned from his mistakes. Hopefully he’s learned from all of them.

One mistake he could repeat would indeed be to draft a guy simply out of need. Even a QB. Even Drew Lock.

Lock by no means and by no evaluation that I’ve seen is considered as a top-ten talent. He’s often not even thought of as a top 30 talent. What he is though, is a QB, and that pushes all worries to the side. His lack of big game experience, comparisons to Jay Cutler and questionable decision making get lost in the shuffle just simply because he’s a QB and teams need a QB. In fact, this is the one reason why I liked the Joe Flacco move (after a few days of pure anger) because the Broncos would no longer be desperate for a Quarterback in the draft.

The Broncos should not, not, not draft Drew Lock unless they believe him to be either a.) a franchise QB or b.) the best player available. If they are interested in him simply because he’s the “best QB in the draft” then Elway should also go eat a bear turd because it’s the most edible of all animal turds - science.

We (Kevin and Skipper Dude) are pro Elway guys and think that he has done far more good for this team as a GM than bad. He’s made mistakes but he also brought us a championship in 2015 and a heckuva lot of fun during the PFM years. We believe that he has earned our support for at least the next three years and - for me personally - I believe that he has learned from his errors and if he picks Lock it is because Lock is THE guy who will lead this team for the next 10 to 15 years.

But I doubt it.

Ed Oliver, big guy, start testing how you look in blue and orange bro. Time for some Orange Crush.

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