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Is a premium pick on a wide receiver a good idea for the Broncos?

Once again, the 1st and 10 @ 10 guys “take their case to court,” this time wondering where to pick up another talented receiver.

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It was another “Take your case to court” day on Orange & Blue Radio, and the debate du jour was whether Broncos should spend a premium draft pick (Day 1 or Day 2) on a wide receiver.

Ryan Edwards was up first to make a case for going for the premium pick on a wideout. He didn’t even bother with the first round, but he definitely believes there is value to be had in rounds two or three that the Broncos should heavily consider.

Arguing for guys like Marquise Brown, A.J. Brown, Hakeem Butler (Go Cyclones!), N’keal Harry or even Scotty Payne’s favorite, Deebo Samuel, Edwards claimed the Broncos need speed and aggressiveness at the position.

He pointed specifically to Samuel’s 9.7 yards after catch average last year, the top among all college wide receivers. The best average among NFL wide receivers was 7.9 yards after catch average for comparison (which, of course, isn’t completely fair given the higher level of defense in the pro ranks).

But perhaps most important among Edwards arguments was the need the Broncos have at the position. As good as Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton were as rookies, there was a definite drop-off in production after the Broncos traded Demaryius Thomas and lost Emmanuel Sanders to injury. Sutton and Hamilton struggled to fill in as the top receivers. Another high-end talent at the position - especially to hold once Sanders is done in Denver - is a key need for this offense to be successful.

“Broncos, give yourself as many options as possible,” Edwards pleaded. “There is tons of value on Day 2. Go get your guy.”

Arguing for the opposition, Andrew Mason also made a solid case, pointing out that historically in the NFL, there is great wideout value on Day 3.

He noted that among 32 NFL teams last season, 64 “team leaders” were players at the wide receiver position - and 30 of those (nearly half) were players who were not drafted by teams in the first three rounds.

“You’re finding quality all directions,” Mason said, adding that 33 percent of all Pro Bowl wide receivers were drafted on Day 3 of their corresponding drafts and 37 percent since the merger. “And no team has milked trades, or late round picks more than the Denver Broncos at wide receiver.”

For example, Mase pointed out, of the 37 Broncos in history who have made Pro Bowl or AFL All Star appearances, only 19 were drafted in the first three rounds. And of that 19, only 9 were drafted by the Broncos (the other 10 were acquired in free agency or trade).

“There is quality year after year at the wide receiver position on Day 3 and even undrafted,” Mason said. “Some quality bleeds on Day 3 year after year.”

‘The Honorable’ Steve Atwater was clearly impressed with both cases and had a tough time making a final decision. Once again, I won’t tell you the choice. Weigh in with your thoughts, then go listen to see if the great Ring-of-Famer agreed with you.


Should Broncos spend a premium pick (Day 2) on a wide receiver?

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    Absolutely. So much talent there to be a game-changer.
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  • 70% can still get a good one in a later round.
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