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Derek Wolfe had some things to say about the changes Vic Fangio wants to make

Derek Wolfe is a fan of Vic Fangio’s style of coaching, but he wants to see how the team responds in Week 16 when everyone is beat to hell.

Derek Wolfe doesn’t mince words.

So when he spoke to the media on Tuesday in the second week of offseason workouts for the Denver Broncos, the defensive end was true to form. Wolfe talked about Vic Fangio and the “changes” he’s bringing to the team, Joe Flacco and Chris Harris Jr.

“A lot of people have been talking about how everybody’s five minutes early to meetings, and that happens every year whenever you first show up,” Wolfe said. “Everybody shows up five minutes early the first couple weeks. But what happens in Week 16 when everybody’s beat to hell and nobody feels like being around this building and we’re all sick and tired of each other? Are you still showing up five minutes early? That’s when it counts.”

On the latest MHR Radio Podcast live, Adam Malnati and I will chat about Wolfe’s comments, the release of the Broncos preseason schedule and Ian being stopped in Savannah, Ga., by a surprising amount of people liking his old school “D” Denver hat.