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Does the Xavien Howard deal influence Chris Harris and the Broncos?

MHR’s Jeffrey Essary joined 1st & 10 @ 10 on Friday to answer that question and talk about rookie minicamp.

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Come for the Denver Broncos talk, stay for the “Price is Right” experience.

MHR’s Jeffrey Essary was on 1st & 10 @ 10 on Friday to talk about how the Xavien Howard contract impacts the Chris Harris Jr. situation (if at all.), and if there’s a team out there that could give Harris a similar deal. I’m in agreement with Jeff that Howard’s new deal doesn’t change the Harris/Broncos situation much at all.

Jeff also talked about rookie minicamp starting on Friday and some of the players/positions he’ll pay attention to over the weekend.

The best part is Jeff telling the guys his once-in-a-lifetime experience earlier this week on the “Price is Right.” Jeff not only had his name called, he actually got up on stage and was this close to winning a new car.

As always, Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater are a great listen and Jeff offers great insight.