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If your Broncos were Avengers

Which Denver Broncos players compare to characters from Endgame?

Marvel Studios, Stand Up To Cancer And Mastercard Host A Screening Of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” For The Families Of Ronald McDonald House New York Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Mastercard

Get your popcorn ready! Avengers: Endgame has shattered records at the box office, and the Broncos still roster some record breakers of their own. One can’t help but think about which characters in the movie compare with some of our favorite Broncos players.

Patience and careful studying are required to defeat the mighty Thanos, and there is no better comparison to Doctor Strange than newly acquired head coach Vic Fangio. Fangio is thoughtful and crafty with his defense, and the Broncos will rely on him to come up with a plan to defeat opposing teams against seemingly impossible odds.

For Fangio, Week 11 at Minnesota will be Power Stone week and Week 15 at Kansas City will be Soul Stone week, the most critical matchups on Denver’s schedule and the biggest tests Fangio will have to face. If the Broncos can keep the Chiefs from capturing the division, they have a chance to prevent all five Infinity stones from being collected and their inevitable doom.

Phillip Lindsay is Ant-Man. With the ability to get skinny in the hole, but also blow up on the scene when needed, Lindsay’s strength can’t be denied, no matter the size he plays at. Ant-Man’s helmet allows for rudimentary telepathic communication, and Lindsay seems to have a similar connection with his offensive line. The dynamic second-year back out of Colorado is a fan favorite and easy to root for, similar to Scott Lang.

Chris Harris Jr. is Rocket Raccoon. The high-flying energetic defender of the skies has a massive task ahead of him this season as he enters the final year of his contract with the Broncos. Harris Jr., along with teammates Will Parks (Drax) and Justin Simmons (Baby Grut), will try to pilot the vessel without Bradley Roby for the first time since Roby was drafted.

The God of Thunder is Von Miller, with the ability to turn the game around with one play or one smash of his hammer. Miller has stayed in shape, unlike Thor, and is thankful to have Bradley Chubb on the other side as he enters the prime of his career.

Bradley Chubb must be Captain Marvel, the new hot character on the scene. Chubb proved himself right away with 12 sacks in his rookie season, similar to how Captain Marvel proved herself immediately to the Avengers.

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Derek Wolfe is the Hulk, as he often has to jump between being a nice guy and being a monster when called upon. Wolfe is a family man, with a new baby on the way, and thoughtful in his role with the Broncos. Wolfe is constantly freeing up Von Miller and Denver’s other playmakers so they can pile up sacks, and the Hulk is constantly holding up heavy buildings or battling the strongest enemies the Avengers face.

Captain America would be Joe Flacco. The captain of the offense, Flacco will have to fight battles with himself this year, similar to Captain America battling himself in Avengers: Endgame. Flacco will need to earn the team’s trust, while bringing along Drew Lock as the next in line at QB for the Broncos.

2019 Getty Entertainment - Social Ready Content Photo by Liliane Lathan/Getty Images for NAACP

Emmanuel Sanders draws comparisons to the Black Panther. Arguably the most gifted athlete on the Broncos, Sanders is the one Denver turns to when they need a big play. Black Panther was able to stand out in Endgame with his speed and agility, abilities Sanders is hoping to regain coming off an Achilles injury. Also, Sanders’ smile is one of the best in football, and rivals that of actor Chadwick Aaron Boseman, who plays Black Panther.

Noah Fant is Spider-Man. The hopeful savior of the Broncos’ stagnant passing offense, Fant can bring an element to Denver’s game that has been missing since Julius Thomas left town. Spider-Man offers similar hope to the Avengers, as he is young and still discovering the extent of his talents and abilities.

Iron Man could be John Elway. The idea looms that Elway may have to deconstruct everything he thought he knew about how to bring another Super Bowl to Denver. Elway is one of the most powerful Avengers, and the Broncos need him to make the most critical decisions in Broncos’ history if they are going to have a shot at hoisting another Lombardi.

Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” Stars Place Handprints In Cement At TCL Chinese Theatre Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The dark thought is creeping into everyone’s minds that Elway may have to sacrifice himself and step down, in order for Denver to achieve its only way to win. The fate of the football world in Denver depends on John Elway, and his crucial choices will be watched carefully by loyal Broncos fans until his last days.

The world will be watching as the previews begin for the next episode in the saga. New characters are making their presence felt in 2019, and it won’t be long before we look to a new hero to save us from going 8-8.


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