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2019 is about getting back into contention for Broncos

We fans want progress and a plan. Have the Broncos done enough to take a step forwards toward Super Bowl contention?

My heart is still wrenched and my gut hurts after the brutal loss that the Denver Nuggets suffered at home to the Portland Trail Blazers last night. So much coulda, woulda, shoulda but...didn’t and now we fans are left with a hole in our souls until the season starts again this October.

Though suffering the morning-after-a-loss-hangover, there are still some feelings deep down of happiness and hope. They are a young team, they probably played over their heads for most of the season and their real contention window is going to be open for years to come. They have a superstar and a few budding stars that will be together for many years. They have a good coach who has a plan and seems to get the best out of his squad game in and game out.

The future is seemingly bright for the Denver Nuggets and that helps assuage my innards and keep me from bottoming a bottle of vodka and a tub of ice cream at 10am.

We have not felt this hopefulness for the Denver Broncos over the last three seasons. After the team lost Peyton Manning to retirement and Gary Kubiak to health issues, the team wandered through a few off-seasons like a toddler in a “Where’s Waldo” chaos of bad hires, terrible drafts and failed QBs.

We can’t say, “there was no plan” because that would be unfair to those in charge and undoubtedly untrue but the plan was never clear and fans, at least, had no idea who their team really was or who they wanted to be. VJ just wanted to make it through each (great) practice and seemed totally lost on the sideline during games. Elway missed with Paxton Lynch and panicked, putting his faith in Trevor Siemien and Case Keesum. It was ugly but thank goodness there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. A plan that we can all grasp and understand and a team led by a grown *** man that won’t take crap from anybody.

This team led by Vic Fangio already knows who they are and who they want to be more than any team under the leadership of Vance Joseph. Or at least, that’s how it appears to the outside observer. The Denver Broncos are going to be tough, they’re going to do the little things to perfection and they are going to run an old, familiar offensive scheme behind a young and hopefully innovative OC.

The Broncos have a head coach with a plan, they have a superstar (Von) and a few budding stars (Lindsay, Sutton, Chubb) who should be together for many years and their contention window could/should be opening soon. Eventually Tom Brady will retire and the Patriot empire will at the very least falter. This will leave the Colts and Chiefs as the cream of the crop in the AFC but if Denver can find a QB of the future, they can and will have a chance to compete each and every year. They have the pieces, let’s see if they can put it all together and at the very least, if they break our hearts at the end of 2019, they will have a clear and present plan for what will help slam that contention window wide open in 2020 and beyond.


When will the contention window open?

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