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Report: Chris Harris’ camp not happy with Denver’s initial offer

Benjamin Allbright is hearing that Harris’ side sees things trending towards a trade if Denver does not increase their offer.

We got a little more info, albeit not necessarily good news, today on the Chris Harris contract negotiations.

NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright tweeted this out this morning, and then followed up on it during his weekly appearance on 1st & 10 at 10 on Orange & Blue 760.

Allbright said he is hearing Harris and his camp believe that things could be headed towards a trade if Denver does not offer an extension with added guarantees.

In the initial offer, according to what Allbright has heard, Denver proposed sweetening Harris’ current deal with around $3M in likely to be earned performance incentives, similar to the additions to his contract last year.

Harris and his camp apparently laughed out Denver’s initial offer, sticking to their guns on wanting an extension that includes guarantees. “Chris is looking for something with long-term security with guarantees in it that make him a Bronco for life,” according to Allbright.

Denver is reportedly going to reach back out this week with another offer, so we’ll see if this time they bring something a little close to what Harris and his camp are asking for, and if the two sides can meet somewhere in the middle.

Check out the full interview above, and stay tuned this week as this continues.