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Fangio’s system is becoming second nature for Broncos defense, Chubb says

Thinking about what that means for Chubb and the Broncos defense is incredibly exciting.

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As the hiring of Vic Fangio started to sink in, one question started to rise above the rest.

“How will (insert player’s name here) benefit from playing for Fangio?”

One of the first Denver Broncos thrown out was Bradley Chubb. After the rookie season the edge had, it was fun to hypothesize what Chubb could do in Fangio’s defense.

As the first week of organized team activities concluded, the players have a better idea of where they are in terms of the new coaches and systems. On Friday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 on Orange and Blue 760, Broncos legend Steve Atwater asked Chubb how the process is going for the team.

“Everything’s been good, to be honest with you,” Chubb said. “Having the new defense and learning a whole new scheme, we had Phase I and Phase II to really lock it in, now Phase III already feels like second nature. Guys getting comfortable with the scheme, guys getting comfortable with each other all over again. We just feel like we’re getting better each and every day.”

They also asked Chubb about Brandon Marshall’s comments about the defense not being on the same page.

“I was kind of confused on my own (since) I was still the rookie,” Chubb joked. “I was trying to make sure I didn’t mess up, so that’s where a lot of my confusion came from. But at the end of the day, it was just one of those things that we weren’t always on the same page. I don’t blame that on the coaches or the calls, we just have to lock in better. And I feel like if we do that this year, everything will be good.”

Hearing how well Chubb and the rest of the defense is taking the new coaches and system only adds to the excitement over what he and the Broncos could do this season.

Bonus listen

Our Joe Rowles joined the guys to chat about Denver’s defensive scheme last season and the difference Fangio’s scheme will have; especially for Todd Davis and Josey Jewell.