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Broncos are focusing on short-term deal with Chris Harris Jr.

According to the most recent reports, John Elway and the Denver Broncos are focused on a short-term deal to keep Chris Harris Jr. around.

The contract dispute between the Denver Broncos and Chris Harris Jr. made some progress last week when the two sides restarted contract talks. Little movement was made, but John Elway expected to come back with a counteroffer this week.

According to Mike Klis of 9News, that counteroffer was likely one involving a short-term extension.

If Harris can accept a shorter term on the extension, say for two or three years, then the Broncos could likely come closer to meeting his average pay per year demands of $15 million. While the Broncos may not go that high even with their final offer, perhaps they could get close enough for Harris to come to the table.

The Broncos are better team this year with Harris playing, so a short-term deal would be great for both the player and the franchise.

Having talked with a lot of fans about this situation, it seems like a good chunk of fans balked at the average per year demands. So my question to those people would be how high would you be comfortable with if the deal was a short-term extension?