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Chris Harris Jr. will prove he should be paid

Rumors have it that Elway will give the CB more money in 2019 and nothing more. It’s a respectful challenge to “prove it” - something the veteran has been doing his entire career.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The latest rumors surrounding the Denver Broncos involve the ever-dramatic Chris Harris Jr. contract discussions. Harris Jr. wants more money; John Elway - as always - is leery of overpaying veterans.

It makes for an interesting issue that has fans cringing at the thought of losing the beloved nickel-corner who should one day be in the Broncos’ Ring of Fame. The rumor is that the parties involved are looking to sign a short-term contract that may only pay the cornerback a bit more money in 2019 with no further years added.

At first it seems an odd idea that the Broncos wouldn’t re-sign CHJ to a longer contract and that he would be willing to settle for just a bit more money in the coming season. But as it sinks in, it makes more and more sense.

Elway seems to be stating that he respects Harris Jr., sees him as a sure part of the team as it’s constructed but also that he wants the veteran to prove that he can still play at a top-level in order to get another big contract. In other words, Elway isn’t backing down, but he’s showing this beloved player appropriate respect by paying him top-money this season.

For Harris Jr. it’s definitely not ideal but at least in his “prove it” season he can make the money that he undoubtedly deserves - and if we know anything about this dude, he will absolutely freaking ball in 2019. This is a guy who has had to prove it over his entire career and has ended up one of the best cornerbacks of a generation. If anyone in this world will take this situation and make the best of it, it’s “Strap” Harris.

If this is what happens, his contract isn’t extended and this season becomes his last as a Bronco, Elway better hold his end up to the “prove it” scheme. When Harris Jr. goes out and puts up stupid-good numbers at CB and heads yet again to the Pro Bowl, sign the dude for whatever amount of money he wants.

As I explained in my podcast, the contract would be a one-year gamble for Harris, but if he performs like we know he can then the dude sure as heck better get paid!


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