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Who would be on your Broncos defensive Mt. Rushmore?

A nearly impossible task, choosing the top four Broncos defenders of all-time.

Here’s an off-season question to ponder if there ever was one - if there was a Mount Rushmore of all-time Denver defenders, who would be up there?

The guys on 1st & 10 at 10 on Orange & Blue 760 opened up their segment today with Benjamin Allbright tackling that very question. They were giving him a hard time because he said it would be difficult to put Steve Atwater up there, not because he’s not a Hall of Fame level defender, but because there are too many great Denver defenders to choose from.

While he took some good natured ribbing from Mr. Atwater himself, Allbright makes an interesting point. No matter how you slice it, you’re likely making an egregious omission if you try to narrow it down to just four.

There’s the old-time greats like Louis Wright, Karl Mecklenburg, Tom Jackson, and Randy Gradishar; then guys like Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey, and Von Miller who are all Hall of Fame players, regardless of the fact that the committee continues ignore Atwater’s bid.

So who would your top four be? Maybe it’s someone I forgot to mention.

I don’t think you can go wrong no matter who you put up there, but I agree with Ryan Edwards, maybe we just build another mountain to fit them all!