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Courtland Sutton is ready to be the Broncos red-zone weapon

Courtland Sutton knows the Denver Broncos will be able to utilize him in the red zone.

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Courtland Sutton had the opportunity to speak to the media after OTAs on Monday, and he was asked about making a step forward in the red zone. His response was exactly what any fan in Broncos Country would hope for. Not only does he believe he will take a step forward, but he sees himself as, “a threat no matter where we’re at going in.”

Throughout Sutton’s rookie year, he showed flashes of ability all over the field. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast (iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher), Denver should have utilized him more than they did in 2018. With Joe Flacco taking over at quarterback, Sutton’s becomes an even greater downfield threat, but in the red zone his size will give him a distinct advantage.

“I think, personally, in the red zone I’m one of the biggest threats that DBs go against. Every DB that I played against or will play against will probably say the same thing. They might not show it, but they know. I’m a 6’4, 220 guy in the red zone.”

While the Broncos struggled to put points on the board in 2018, Sutton is definitely one of the weapons that could help Denver move up in scoring in 2019. Points are a premium, and it’s good to see that Sutton is ready to be the go-to receiver around the goal line.

“I’m definitely looking forward to capitalizing on that more this season, being able to put more in the end zone, and take advantage of that. Take advantage of what God gifted me with. This body, this size, this speed, the athleticism, being able to take advantage of that and use that against the 5’9” or 5’10” corner that we go against.”

Actual football games are so far away that it may be hard to get excited about much that is happening. However, it seems that the Broncos could have a solid offseason. No matter where you stand on Flacco as Denver’s QB, you can’t argue that John Elway and company haven’t put weapons around him. Sutton, Phillip Lindsay, Noah Fant, Royce Freeman, DaeSean Hamilton and Tim Patrick. That sounds like a solid young core.

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