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Could Von Miller and Bradley Chubb set records in 2019

1st and 10 on Orange and Blue 760 was answering some would you rather questions.

Games of “Would You Rather” are excellent offseason fodder. On 1st and 10 on Orange and Blue 760 Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason tried to have a little fun. One of the questions led to an interesting discussion. Would you rather have Von Miller or Bradley Chubb lead the team in sacks?

It’s a silly proposition to try and decide which player you would rather see lead the team. Ryan made an observation that made a lot of sense. If Chubb leads the team in sacks, that means Denver is set for the future. It may not be a passing of the torch, but it would be an indication that the defense will have an elite pass rush for years to come.

The other aspect of the discussion leads to a fairly realistic possibility. Miller and Chubb are prime candidates to set the all-time record for combined sacks by teammates in a season. Chris Doleman and Kieth Miller of the 1989 Vikings hold the current record with 39. Should Miller and Chubb get into a groove in new head coach Vic Fangio’s defense, 40 sacks could be within reach.

It’s too early to really make any predictions about team records, but this could be a fun season on defense for the two dynamic rushers.

Bonus Listen

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