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What can the Broncos expect from Brett Rypien?

Brett’s uncle, Mark Rypien, joined 1st & 10 @ 10 to answer that question and if Steve Atwater ever clocked him.

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Mark Rypien brings an interesting perspective on the Denver Broncos.

To focus in even further, a certain rookie quarterback who also is nephew, Brett. On Thursday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 on Orange & Blue 760, the former quarterback for the Washington Redskins and Super Bowl MVP joined the show to talk about Brett and what the team/fans could expect.

“First and foremost, he had a stellar career at Boise State,” Mark said. “And sadly enough they don’t compare that to the SEC and they weigh that more than the Mountain West Conference, but Brett put great numbers. He’s got a great football IQ. But I think the situation where he ended up in in Denver ... Joe Flacco is a veteran quarterback and I know he’s not there to teach him, but you can learn by what he’s doing and watching. And that’s what he’s doing.

“He’s not getting the reps, but he’s getting the mental reps. And I think that’s where he’ll develop as a player. He’ll get to see what to do and what not to do, and be able to apply that in any opportunity he gets. See where he fits in, and see where the chips fall.”

Before Mark was asked about Brett, Ryan Edwards asked Mark if Steve Atwater ever clocked him with a good hit.

“If he did, it was my fault,” Mark said. “Because we were definitely looking up safeties, and if there was maybe one or two safeties in the league, Steve Atwater was one of them you made sure you knew where he was on the field.”