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Would you rather the Broncos ... ?

Andrew Mason asked a couple of these on Friday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 and they are really fun hypotheticals.

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Andrew Mason brought the “would you rather” back to 1st & 10 @ 10.

On Friday’s show on Orange and Blue 760, Mase asked Ryan Edwards and Steve Atwater the various scenarios he hypothesized. Here they are for the MHR community. And as Mase pointed out, these are supposed to be uncomfortable (the first of the questions is in the first segment, followed by the others in later in the hour).

Would you rather ...

  • The Denver Broncos play half the season without Ja’Wuan James because of an injury, or play the entire season without Ronald Leary due to an injury?
  • Have an offense that is average across the board, but keep Rich Scangarello for 2020, or have an offense that is top-10 across the board, but then lose Scangarello to a head-coaching job after the season?
  • Get a defensive MVP-caliber season from Chris Harris Jr. but watch him leave in free agency, or see Harris play at a good-but-not-great level but then re-sign him after the year?
  • Have the Broncos start 5-0 but hit the bye at 5-4, or start 0-5 but hit the bye at 4-5?
  • Have the Broncos stun the Green Bay Packers in Week 3 but then lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars at home in Week 4, or get drilled by Green Bay but then defeat Jacksonville?

Have at it, Broncos Country.

For the record, here my answers ...

The whole season without Leary (Denver has greater depth for the interior line); top 10 offense and potentially lose Scangarello; good-but-not great but re-sign Harris; start 0-5 but hit the bye at 4-5; and beat the Packers since I could potentially be there.

Bonus listen

Our Adam Malnati joined the guys to talk about the new one-year contract for Harris and he partakes in the “would you rather” game.