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Broncos announce changes to scouting staff; will not renew contract for Klein Kubiak

The Denver Broncos have decided not to extend Southwest Area Scout Klein Kubiak’s contract. The team has now completed moved on from the Kubiak family.

On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos made several changes to their scouting staff with the team moving on from southwest area scout, Klein Kubiak.

He was replaced by Frantzy Jourdain who spent the last three seasons as a national scout and southeast area scout with the Houston Texans. Prior to that, he spent 13 seasons with the New England Patriots as a scout as well.

Eugene Armstrong, who has been with the team for 13 seasons, has also moved over to cover the southwest region for the Broncos.

The moves marked an end to the Kubiak family’s influence in Denver. Gary Kubiak and son Klint Kubiak both left the team after Vic Fangio was hired. The elder Kubiak had disagreements with Fangio and Elway over the offensive staff he wanted to bring on board. Both are now with the Minnesota Vikings.

Broncos Personnel/Scouting Staff

Name Position Years w/ Team
Name Position Years w/ Team
John Elway President of Football Ops./GM 9 (2011-pres.)
Matt Russell Director of Player Personnel 11 (2009-pres.)
A.J. Durso Director of Pro Personnel 7 (2013-pres.)
Brian Stark Director of College Scouting 8 (2012-pres.)
Eugene Armstrong Southwest Area Scout 13 (2007-pres.)
Dave Bratten College Scouting Coord./Area Scout 23 (1997-pres.)
Scott DiStefano Midwest Area Scout 38 (1982-pres.)
Frantzy Jourdain Southeast Area Scout 0 (2019)
Darren Mougey Western Regional Scout 8 (2012-pres.)
Nick Schiralli Eastern Regional Scout 12 (2008-pres.)
Bryan Chesin Midwest Area Scout 6 (2014-pres.)
Jordon Dizon Pro Scout 5 (2015-pres.)
Patrick Walsh Pro Scout 4 (2016-pres.)
Rob Paton College/Pro Scout 3 (2017-pres.)
Deon Randall College/Pro Scout 3 (2017-pres.)
Eddie Simpkins Scouting Assistant 2 (2018-pres.)