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Good vibes in Denver

Players and coaches seem happy and it comes from having a plan, knowing what’s expected of them and having fun.

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There are good vibes around the Denver Broncos these days and as the attitude of no-nonsense, no death-by-inches on the field has been seen in spades on the practice fields this off-season, the camaraderie and healthy atmosphere of the team were on full display during the “field day” at Dove Valley last week. Vic Fangio decided to give his team a break and instead of one more day of practice, let his guys play some competitive games - and dunk their GM in a dunk tank.

The players get to see more and more that the new head coach in Denver isn’t your buddy. He’s not your friend and doesn’t feel the need to give you a pat on the back every time you simply do what you’re supposed to do. He’s old-fashioned, no-nonsense and a bit gruff. But he’s also wise and has the player’s interests always at the front of his mind. His man years of experience has enabled him to be able to recognize when the team needs to work and when it needs to play. When his guys should be giving it their all on the field and when they should be building trust and friendships with one another. It’s a fun and refreshing approach and the players seem to love and appreciate it.

There’s generally a happy attitude when veterans and youngsters alike are giving interviews this off-season. They know what’s expected of them, the team has a clear plan of getting back into contention and the mix of young and experienced talent gives hope for an immediate chance to reach the playoffs and bring respectability back to the Denver franchise.

No one has been thrown under the bus, veterans like Chris Harris Jr. are being shown their due respect and John Elway is letting himself get drenched by his players in a dunk tank during the aforementioned field day.

With happiness comes the desire to play for one another and happiness comes from having confidence in your team (and team’s leadership) and security in knowing exactly where you stand. We ought to thank the Broncos’ leadership for at least bringing a fun atmosphere back to the team and hope that it’s a direct path to bringing us just that much closer to a fourth championship.

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