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NFL owners and former Broncos players react to Pat Bowlen’s death

People from around the NFL are reacting to the death of Denver Broncos owners Pat Bowlen. Here is what they are saying.

Pat Bowlen

With the sad passing of Denver Broncos legendary owner Pat Bowlen at the age of 75 after a decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s, people from around the NFL community are reacting to the news. From fellow owners, to league commissions, and former players, are waking up to the sad news of this loss.

Paul Tagliabue, who was NFL Commissioner for 17 years and worked extensively with Bowlen throughout his time as Commish, called Bowlen one of the top five owners in NFL history.

“Pat Bowlen and I spent a great deal of time together during my 17 years as Commissioner,” Tagliabue said. “He volunteered on more than a dozen League Committees so we often had meetings in our New York office during the day and then enjoyed dinner conversation at night revolving around our families and his love for the Broncos, their fans and their players. Pat was an extraordinary leader and open-minded consensus builder. I have long considered Pat one of the top five NFL owners in league history.”

That sentiment was shared by dozens of others around the NFL. The overwhelming response got me to start saving the tweets and reading them all. Here is the collection of reactions, I’ve gathered so far.

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Current and Former Broncos

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