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Broncos Country says goodbye to Pat Bowlen

On 1st & 10 @ 10, former players, coaches, front office people, and a few fans bid farewell to Mr. B.

One of my assignments today was to write up the daily 1st & 10 @ 10 article. Normally, I do Thursdays, but I needed to switch with Ian St. Clair. When I logged on to pick a clip from the show to cover, I realized, it might be very difficult for me to decide on which clip to write up. So, I am using them all.

Obviously, with the passing of Pat Bowlen, the outpouring of support and well wishes has been a big part of today. Mr. B. meant so much to so many as owner of the Denver Broncos. The guest list included Broncos greats like Terrell Davis, Mike Shanahan, and Bill Romanowski, along with former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, Ryan Edwards (who was on assignment), Steve Atwater, Rick Lewis, and our own Jefferey Essary.

With all those guests, there was a common theme running through the show. Everyone loved Mr. B. When asked how he was doing, Romo said the news crushed him. Each guest had a unique story to tell about Mr. B. but each story made it clear how much the guests admired him.

Terrell Davis described him as cool. Romo talked about his passion for winning. Shanahan talked about his competitiveness and his determination to win. Atwater called him a wonderful leader. The descriptions of Pat Bowlen point to the reason the Denver Broncos have been a model of greatness in his tenure as owner, but they also point to his love for his people.

Pat Bowlen spent an NFL career building relationships, and caring for the people who worked for him. He demanded greatness, and they wanted to win for him. In his biggest moments he was always unselfish, and pointed to others for credit.

There is no doubt that the Denver Broncos, and all of Broncos Country were made better by having Pat Bowlen as an owner. Indeed, the NFL will forever be grateful for what he meant to the league.

Bonus Listen

Have a listen to Jeffery Essary and his perspective on what Pat Bowlen meant to all of Broncos Country.