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Who are the most attractive Broncos?

What’s more important in the offseason than finding out who fans think to be the most attractive football players?

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Though this week’s blog and podcast are very light-hearted and fun, we of course want to begin by giving our condolences to the Bowlen family and Broncos Country. We lost a great one last week and our prayers and thoughts are with Pat Bowlen and his family. Let’s hope that this team in 2019 and in the future will live up to the standards set by this all-time great owner and even better man.

Since it’s impossible to segue from a very serious topic to one on the entire opposite end of the spectrum, let’s just dive right in...

Since the Mile High Report team already have impeccable offseason coverage of the Broncos and the NFL, we at Broncos & Bratwurst decided to make a different list. A list that could create a firestorm of controversy and perhaps even fights on the streets of downtown Denver. We are creating a list of the Broncos most attractive players.

We picked a list of 20 of the most recognized players on the team with a few wild-cards added in due to their looks rather than their fame.

The list includes the George Clooney twin -Joe Flacco, Aqua Man look-alike - Sam Jones and the big-time favorite of the group - Emmanuel Sanders. There are some underdogs and dark horses, big guys and small but all bring their own style, charisma and hotness.

Wives, sisters and mothers were consulted in the preliminary selections but we want you all to help us select this all-important list. The easiest way to make this possible is to send you to Hawtest Denver Broncos: 2019 where you can rank these 20 guys according to their attractiveness. We will then publish the results next week and discuss the findings in detail on the Broncos & Bratwurst podcast. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder this will be fascinating and exhilarating to see who ends up on top.

In the end, there is one thing that is certain: if this team looks as good on the field as they do off it, we’re going to the Super Bowl baby!

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