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Would you rather ... the Broncos win Super Bowl XII or Super Bowl XXI?

The thought of the Orange Crush beating Dallas has its appeal, but so does keeping Phil Simms from going off.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

Whenever these questions are asked, it’s always fun to see how people respond.

Look no further than the one Adam Malnati and I asked last week. Would you rather the Denver Broncos beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in January of 1997? Or, would you rather the Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens in January of 2013?

On the MHR Radio Podcast (ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher), Adam and I decided to bring the question back but with a different iteration. This time we decided to ask about Super Bowls that Denver lost. So here we go.

Would you rather ...

The Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XII?


The Broncos beat the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI?

Adam and I decided on these two Super Bowls because we felt they were the two Denver had the best shot at winning. Some might bring up Super Bowl XXII, but that’s not the debate. These are the two options.

I went with the Orange Crush getting its Super Bowl win; Adam went with John Elway getting the Lombardi Trophy in his first attempt.

I chose Super Bowl XII because if that defense wins in New Orleans, there is no question its included in the discussion for best in history. There is no “Yeah, but it didn’t win a Super Bowl.” That also means players like Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Tom Jackson, Rich Jackson, Lyle Alzado and potentially even Billy Thompson aren’t kept out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There’s no, “Yeah, but they didn’t win a Super Bowl.”

Adam went with Super Bowl XXI because of what it means for Elway. Adam’s point was if the Broncos beat New York, there’s a good chance they repeat the next year against the Washington Redskins. Whether that happens, at the least Elway wouldn’t have the “Yeah, but he can’t win a Super Bowl” held over his head for the majority of his career. Of course, if Elway wins that Super Bowl, who knows how it changes what unfolded in Super Bowl XXXII.

I’ve always enjoyed hypotheticals like this because of the answers and reasons fans come up with.

Now it’s your turn, Broncos Country.

Biggest rival

If there was any debate who the Broncos’ top rival is, it’s now over.

On Pat Bowlen’s desk at his memorial was a to-do list.

  1. Be No. 1 in everything
  2. Beat the Oakland Raiders
  3. Win Super Bowls

I was born and raised to do two things: Love the Broncos, hate the Raiders. So when people say Oakland isn’t a rival, let alone the top rival, it bothers the bejesus out of me. It’s been joked that Denver can go 2-14, but those two wins better come against the Raiders.

Is there history involved in this? Damn straight, just as there is with any rivalry. I don’t care that the two haven’t played a meaningful game against each other in well over a decade. I would make the case any game the Broncos play against that shit franchise is meaningful.

What was No. 2 on Mr. B’s to-do list should end the discussion.

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Would you rather ...

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  • 56%
    The Broncos win Super Bowl XII?
    (280 votes)
  • 43%
    The Broncos win Super Bowl XXI?
    (218 votes)
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