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The “wish they were Broncos” offense

Who’s the one player in the NFL you wish wore orange and blue?

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NFL: Cleveland Browns-Minicamp
It’s been years since I’ve been as excited about a QB as I was Baker.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you, but I’m an avid Madden player. One of my favorite parts about the franchise is building a team the way I want to, so of course you have to start with a Fantasy Draft.

One thing this and consistently following the draft as I do has led to is a rooting interest in a lot of players spread out across the entire league. So what follows is a team of some of my favorite NFL players who would look so dang good with a horse head on their helmet.

If only.

Quarterback - Baker Mayfield - Cleveland Browns

I’d be lying if I told you I saw greatness in Patrick Mahomes back when he came out of Texas Tech since I barely studied the 2017 class after Elway drafted Paxton Lynch in 2016. It’s that same reason Deshaun Watson is number 2 here. Every game Texans’ game I’ve caught this summer he’s blown me away, and he’d be an insanely good fit in the Rich Scangarello offense, but Baker’s my boy.

Last year was the first year since 2012 that I’d have put a quarterback prospect in my S-tier.

These are the guys you’d trade your draft for a chance at. They’re the no-brainers. Started a long time, killed it, the questions and concerns are minor compared to the promise they show on film.

I think he’s going to be a superstar, and while Denver never had a real shot at him with Cleveland picking 1st overall, I suspect Elway knew it too.

Running back - Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers

I mentioned in my Most Valuable Broncos post how I’m not quite a “running backs don’t matter” guy, but they need to provide value outside of just rushing. McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara are the prototypical “weapon” backs you can flex out and rip apart linebackers and safeties in coverage. Throw in McCaffrey’s lineage and he’s my obvious pick here.

Z- Receiver - Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons

Julio’s the kind of guy the most optimistic among us dream Courtland Sutton can blossom into. He’s the closest thing to Megatron since Calvin Johnson retired after the 2015 season: just a complete mismatch. He’s 6’3 220 lbs and runs a 4.3 40 with the kind of acceleration, body control, and route running savvy to embarrass DBs.

The Broncos were never going to draft Julio, as they’d just grabbed Demaryius Thomas in 2010 and Von Miller was “the guy” at 2. But, way back in Madden 25 I managed to snag both Megatron and Jones for my offense. That was fun.

X-Receiver - JuJu Smith-Schuster - Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the things we go over in The Scouting Academy class I’m taking is how big a deal matchups are when you’re studying players. Well, there’s a reason most DB tapes have Pittsburgh on the schedule. With Antonio Brown and Smith-Schuster, they were a complete coverage nightmare last year. Very intrigued by how he’ll adapt as the lone star of that receiving corps.

Slot Receiver - Brandin Cooks - Los Angeles Rams

One thing you’ll notice from all three of receiver picks is how much speed they bring to the table. While it’s definitely possible to thrive without rockets tied to your cleats in the league, it helps. Cooks is probably the most dangerous Corner and Post runner in football.


A couple hours after I wrote this I ranked the top 6 receivers in the league and realized how highly I think of Adam Thielen. I think I’d still prefer Cooks because of what he can do as a deep threat and how that’d compliment the rest of the Broncos roster, but you wouldn’t see me complain if the Viking rode a longboat out to Denver.

Tight End - Jack Doyle - Indianapolis Colts

This may surprise you if you expected someone like Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, or even Doyle’s teammate Eric Ebron. But since each of these players is simply being added to the current 2019 Broncos roster, Doyle best compliments the skillset of Noah Fant.

I’ll admit I had a long moment considering T.J. Hockenson here, but ultimately chose against reuniting the Iowa duo. Let’s move on before I change my mind. Again.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle - David Bakhtiari - Green Bay Packers

Left Guard - Ali Marpet - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Center - Matt Paradis - Carolina Panthers

Right Guard - Zack Martin - Dallas Cowboys

Right Tackle - Mitch Schwartz - Kansas City Chiefs

The right tackle position is a tie between Schwartz and Ryan Ramczyk of the Saints. What makes the choice even more painful is how Elway had an opportunity for both. The left side of the line consists of two of the more criminally underrated players in the league. Zack Martin is on the very short list for best linemen in football. My center is a guy I wish the Broncos had managed to keep.

Who makes your team Broncos Country? Let me know in the comments.

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