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Don’t worry, be happy Broncos fans

It feels good to be a Denver Broncos fan again, and we should soak it up.

While we were in Rome over the last week (a wonderful city, by the way), we decided to do a dawn E-bike tour through the city. It was a great way to see as many sights as possible and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone visiting the Eternal City. It was really lovely except for the fact that one of our group fell and broke her arm. Guess we should have seen that coming...

While she was at the Italian hospital, looking pained and worried, a doctor - who apparently looked like a pirate - wrapped her arm to make a cast. Though his English was non-existent, he had good music taste and to try to help her feel better, he calmly sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Apparently this was met with a mix of laughter and terror but after the 10th re-telling of the story, it actually made me think of my Denver Broncos.

The Broncos in 2015 were an E-bike with turbo. They had just won a Super Bowl and though the Hall of Fame QB was retiring, they had still managed to keep together one of the best defenses the league had ever seen and retained some good pieces on offense as well. They were ready to roll with a well-oiled, though QB-less machine.

But then, through a mix of bad luck, bad decisions and a really unfortunate hire, the Denver Broncos fell off their bike and broke an arm. Train wreck, bike wreck, all around garbage is what we have had to deal with over the last two-plus seasons, and at times I know many of us did experience physical pain thanks to our disaster of a football team.

Unfortunately broken arms take some time to heal, even after being set correctly, but thank goodness, the current team feels like it has finally taken off its sweaty, stinky cast and is at the point where it is trying to add some muscle before getting back to normal strength.

Peyton Manning is saying “we” when referring to the Broncos. Chris Harris Jr. got his just due. The players seem happy, motivated and confident, and the coaching staff is respectable.

There’s some really good talent sprinkled throughout the team and some guys in their contract years are going to ball out this season. These are just a few reasons for why we should smile this offseason and think of the words of a dear, Italian Pirate Doctor:

“Don’t worry, be happy!”

The best part of this story was actually that before he finished, the doctor concluded with some more Bob Marley wisdom and looked her square in the face and said:

“No woman, no cry.”


You can get more football thoughts - and a little about Rome - in the podcast linked above!