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Joe Flacco: Vic Fangio ‘wants to win every single day’

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio is creating a very competitive environment in practice and the players are enjoying it.

New Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio is getting plenty of praise from players so far early on in the offseason program.

The latest comes from new starting quarterback Joe Flacco who noted how competitive Fangio is in practice. The attention to detail and demands for perfection plays right into his ‘death by inches’ mantra.

“It’s easy to see it, man,” Flacco said of Fangio. I think a couple of weeks ago we did a little situation and I threw a little touchdown pass to Tim [Patrick] in the back of the end zone. The period was supposed to be over, we were supposed to be in twos, and Vic’s like, ‘Alright, run it back.’ [I said] ‘Alright we’ll try to win; I guess we’ll beat you again.’ You can tell he’s a head coach, but he’s obviously got that fire to be a great defensive play caller and get that defense where he wants it to be. He wants to win every single day, every single time.”

The offensive unit in Denver has been less than stellar since Peyton Manning retired, so if Flacco is able to revive that unit somewhat and play competitive football against real NFL teams then that trade to get him way back in February is going to be the biggest move John Elway made this year.

No matter how much Flacco helps turn around the offense, it’s still going to be all about the defense in Denver. Fangio is coming off one of his best seasons as a defensive coordinator and was hired to ensure the Broncos defense returns to prominence. The good news is, Flacco is perfectly fine with that approach.

“To be honest with you, I think it’s a good thing,” Flacco said of Fangio’s attention to the defense. “It creates that competition every day in practice. I think it also shows just how much trust he has in our offensive staff that he’s able to really focus on what D’s doing. The competition depends on what those guys go work with us.”

Flacco would know a thing or two about being a quarterback on a team where defense is the driving force of the franchise. The Baltimore Ravens have been all about that defense for most of his career. He should be happy about that too, because a great defense does make the quarterback’s job a whole lot easier.

As for fitting in with his teammates, Flacco is already turning heads there with his play. Von Miller noted that Flacco’s arm strength is unlike any he has seen in Denver.

“He looks like a Super Bowl MVP to me,” Miller said of Flacco. “He’s throwing the ball. Today he rode out in a play action out to the right and threw the ball from the opposite 20 to the opposite 15. I don’t know how far that is, but he threw the ball far, [and the receiver] almost caught the ball. Those are the types of easy plays that we have to have. He can throw 80 years easily. He threw it 80 yards across the field. That’s looking like Super Bowl energy to me.”

If Trevor Siemian had an arm that was a ‘gift from the gods’ then I guess Flacco’s arm is where you’d find a gift from the creator of the creators? Or something like that. The point is, Flacco can hit targets anywhere on the field and that will only help open things up for the offense - especially when plays break down.