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Von Miller beats Eric Fisher in head-to-head outdoors challenge

Von Miller, needing an impossible shot, hits the bullseye to take the outdoors challenge away from Eric Fisher. Just like in real life.

Denver Broncos all-world edge rusher Von Miller and Kansas City Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher took to the wilderness of New Mexico in an head-to-head outdoors challenge put on by Carhartt and Outside Magazine to see who was the better champion.

Fisher took the first challenge, netting a slightly larger fish in a fly fishing contest, but then Von Miller brought it home. A clutch arrow shot and culinary mastery put Fisher away, earning Miller a custom belt.

Speaking of the custom belt. Von clearly thought it was, well, a belt. You could almost hear the disappointment in his voice.

This was a fun video to watch and a perfect way to kick off our Friday morning Broncos news feed.

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