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Broncos could surprise the NFL in 2019

Adam Rank joined 1st & 10 and was surprised at how good they look

When Adam Rank joined the Ryan, Mase and Steve on 1st & 10 on Orange and Blue 760 they asked him about his State of the Franchise article on about the Denver Broncos. Rank was less than enthusiastic about writing about the Broncos to start, but ended up being surprised at how good the Broncos could be in 2019.

Most of the national media talking heads have similar ideas about the Broncos. After two straight losing seasons it is hard to get too excited about the direction of the franchise. However, a deep dive actually points to big improvements over the course of the next two seasons.

In examining the team, one of Rank’s big takeaways was about the offense being improved. Clearly, the defense needs to continue to be as good as they have been for the last few years. It’s really all about Joe Flacco and his impact on the team. These observations are obvious, but they aren’t the only reason Denver could be improved.

Another interesting aspect of Denver’s potential improvement was their “bucking the trend” when they hired Vic Fangio to be the head coach. Rather than hiring a guy who was, “born after Star Wars came out,” and someone who knows Sean McVay, Denver grabbed a veteran coach who will allow the young OC to be innovative.

Denver might be set up for a good run in 2020, but they might also be the big surprise in 2019.

Bonus Listen

Have a listen to MHR’s own Laurie Lattimor-Volkmann on with 1st and 10. She plays a little “Would You Rather,” and discusses Vic Fangio’s impact to this point on the team.