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2019 Broncos roster review: Outside Linebacker Von Miller

The Denver Broncos’ best player could have a breakout year with a new coach.

There are many things to lament about the past couple of seasons wasted by the Denver Broncos, but one of the biggest is having a talent like Von Miller and not being able to build a competitive enough team to have him wreaking havoc in the playoffs.

He’s in the final locked-in year of his contract with two more team option years ahead and is still in my eyes the best edge rusher the NFL has to offer bar none.

Von Miller Profile

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 250 pounds

Age: 30

Experience: 9th season

Von Miller was drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft second overall and has lived up to or exceeded every expectation a fan could have since that time. He’s a freakish athlete who has been wowing the NFL for 8 seasons with his ability to get to the quarterback and make game-changing plays.

Even playing for a team that has been languishing since Super Bowl 50, he’s an elite player that demands offensive coordinators to game plan specifically for him or pay the price every week.

The good

Von has always had one of the most incredible bursts of speed at the hike of the football that I’ve ever witnessed in all my years enjoying NFL football.

Now pair that with a completely mind boggling ability to bend low and turn the corner on tackles that can only go that low if they fall on their faces, and you have what is one of the most dangerous and tough-to-defend pass rushers of this generation.

Besides the obvious, Miller is also accomplished at any other responsibility that belongs to a 3-4 OLB at the NFL level, including run stopping, zone coverage, man coverage, as well as pass rushing from the both sides of the formation or the interior.

The bad

Von really needs to get better at battling through triple teams. He’s good against doubles, but when teams throw three players against him, he’s usually neutralized.


Von Miller on learning from other players

It’s just a better way to do my job. I feel like once you get stuck in your game, then I feel like it’s over. Once I get complacent in my game and I feel like I’ve learned all that I can possibly learn, and I feel like I’ve gained enough knowledge and I’ve made it to the level where I don’t really have to look at what others guys are doing, that’s when you’re going downhill. You’ve got some crazy young pass rushers that are picking off sacks left and right, so why wouldn’t I want to see what they’ve got going on, what makes them special?

Von Miller’s roster status with the Broncos

Miller’s spot on the roster is the most safe in all of football. He’ll be terrorizing opponents all year long and likely from every position imaginable knowing how Fangio likes to mix his fronts.

Von won’t be going anywhere either...don’t let his option years scare you. They are very fair for both the player and the team. He has done nothing but work hard and do his job at an elite level and that won’t change anytime soon.


How many sacks do you think Von Miller is going to get this season?

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