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Could the Broncos carry four tight ends?

Andrew Mason joined the MHR Radio Podcast and believes that Denver might keep four tight ends on the 53-man roster.

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The Denver Broncos are set to start training camp. On the MHR Radio Podcast (ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher) Ian St. Clair and I were joined by Broncos insider Andrew Mason to discuss the start of camp.

As we analyzed the changes to the team, and what to watch for, Mase had an interesting take on the tight end position. “It wouldn’t at all surprised me if the Broncos find a way to keep four tight ends, especially if you end up using Noah Fant as something of a big wide receiver, as that joker type and always have him in space.”

When we asked Mase about the rookie he’s most excited to see at camp he brought up Fant. Sure, the first-round pick might be the easy answer, but that doesn’t make it the wrong answer. Add in his take on the Broncos carrying four TEs and now you have a fun position to watch.

Fant has the talent and size to give opposing defenses fits. Mase compared him to guys like George Kittle, and called him a possible vertical threat. Using him as a big wide out, and allowing guys like Jeff Heuerman, Jake Butt, or Troy Fumagalli to play the traditional TE position gives Joe Flacco more big targets to take advantage of on the field.

Not only does he see the Broncos possibly carrying four TEs, but also a fullback. With a new offense, and Flacco utilizing the TE and FB positions heavily in his career, this seems like a huge possibility.

There’s not doubt that Mase is excited about the start of camp. Dove Valley has experienced some big changes in the offseason. The big question is how will that translate into success on the field. The TE position will be an important key to turning things around in Denver.

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