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Training Camp Roundtable: Who might disappoint this year?

Fans love to root for the players who over-perform, but sometimes the opposite happens.

We’ve covered the exciting new guys in camp, rookies and veterans alike, and we’ve projected the unexpected stars of training camp. As the first day of Training Camp 2019 begins, our fourth roundtable question flips the script while widening its scope to include the regular season:

Is there a particular player you’re worried may underperform this year? If so, why?

The staff’s responses were very focused on this, centering on two position groups: quarterback and offensive line. Questions abound for both groups, and each will likely play a major role in either propelling the team to success against a challenging 2019 schedule, or holding it back.


Sadaraine: I’m one of the bigger critics of Joe Flacco and I think there is significant risk for him to not be the guy that Elway is betting he is. He’s an average QB at best who doesn’t make players around him better. That’s a step up from what we had but is going to likely leave much to be desired for the 2019 season.

Taylor: Sad and I are of the same mind regarding Flacco. I hope that Scangarello can put an offense together that fits him well, and I hope he’ll be successful this year. But based on his last half decade of play, I’m worried that Broncos Country will end up feeling let down by their free agent starting QB once again.

Jeff: I don’t think fans should expect to much from Drew Lock in preseason or camp. While talented, he still has a lot of development needed, so I expect him to “under-perform” fan expectations.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Line

Adam: It all starts up front, and the entire offensive line is scary. Not because of talent or coaching, but because it has been the worst unit on the field for the last several seasons, including the 2015 Super Bowl run. Whether it’s Bolles or Leary, or Connor McGovern being incapable of transitioning to center, the offensive line is a huge question mark.

Just_JoRo: This is the “put up or shut up” year for Garett Bolles. Fans have made excuses for him since he was drafted, but with Munchak on board and his fifth year option looming he’s got to perform.

Jeff: I’m with the others on Garett Bolles. This will be his third year in the league and I think many are expecting him to finally put it together and improve. I hope that’s the case, but I worry he could trend the other way.

Ian St. Clair: Agree with Joe on Bolles. I’m not holding out hope he will step up, but he’s been put in the best situation to make it come to life. The biggest concern/worry for me is Ronald Leary. Not because he may under perform, but can he stay on the field?

Joe M: Connor McGovern. Having a below average center is a great way to hamstring your offense. He was well below average at center last season and I could see him failing to thrive with the added bandwidth and responsibilities that a center has relative to a guard.

Kyle B: Ja’ Wuan James set to underperform. Did not grade out well in Miami.

Running Back

Luke: Booker. Why is he still here? Heard Orlando Franklin call him a third-down back this morning and just about spit out my coffee.

After the last couple of seasons, considerable worry being aimed at the offense is no surprise. Everyone’s perceptions are different, though, and there are certainly guys on defense who should draw notice and concern for possibly underperforming. Offense, defense, or otherwise:

Who’s got you concerned this year, Broncos Country?


Which position group most worries you for underperforming in 2019?

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