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2019 Broncos Roster Review: Malik Reed

This undrafted young player out of Nevada could be a diamond in the rough for the Fangio led Denver Broncos in 2019

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He wasn’t drafted.

He comes from a college not known for trotting out NFL quality players year after year (Nevada), but he’s a Bronco now and he’s looking to take a big step forward and transform himself into a NFL player over the next year or two.

Malik Reed Profile

Height: 6’ 2” | Weight: 235 pounds

Age: 22 | Experience: Rookie

Malik Reed joined the Denver Broncos as an Undrafted Free Agent with a $15k signing bonus (which is fairly high if you follow this part of the NFL team building process). He comes from Nevada where he was primarily an edge rusher in their defense.

The good

Malik shows a lot of potential as a depth linebacker / sub-package rusher at the NFL level if he can sharpen his game. He tackles well and really knows how to get up field both to stop the run and pressure the passer. I’ve also seen mentioned in a couple of places that he’s a hard worker which is one of the most integral pieces of players making it in the NFL.

The bad

For Malik to make it, he’s going to have to really grow in some areas that he wasn’t asked to do at a high level in Nevada. He needs work on read / reacting to play design. He also is challenged in the size arena with shorter arms to boot.

Malik Reed’s roster status with the Broncos

The first thing I’ll point out is that someone from the Broncos coaching staff or front office (or both) really likes this guy. They made a big push to get him to sign with Denver as a UDFA. So don’t count this guy out.

But what I see at the end of the day is a player who needs to bulk up and train really hard before he’s going to make an impact at the NFL level. If he makes the Broncos roster, it will be because he shines too much in the preseason action to get him on the practice squad. But realistically speaking he’s likely going to be a practice squad player for us in 2019.