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26 things I think I think after five days of training camp

It’s early, but these developments bear monitoring.

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It seems a bit paradoxical to suggest that everything means nothing so early, only to tell you it’s as good a time as any to share some of what I’ve started to notice as camp has progressed.

The truth is, things can change pretty drastically between now and the regular season. The best laid plans could go sideways with five preseason games to be played.

So a reminder that it’s too early to say anything definitively, but these are some thoughts I’ve had as I sift through all of the reports coming out.


  1. Kevin Hogan trending downward.
  2. Don Barclay looks like a lock for the roster.
  3. Elijah Wilkinson got singled out for praise by Rich Scangarello.
  4. Trinity Benson, Devontae Jackson and Brendan Langley are turning heads.
  5. Juwann Winfree earning a lot of hype.
  6. Drew Lock & Noah Fant look like exciting rookies - but still rookies.
  7. Dalton Risner will be the best Broncos rookie.
  8. Tackles may be a concern. Again.
  9. Could Wilkinson steal Bolles job?
  10. Austin Fort could jump Jake Butt, Troy Fumagalli.
  11. Jeff Heuerman’s been a blocker, for the most part.
  12. Lots of interceptions.
  13. The run blocking has quietly done okay.
  14. There’s probably a 1A-1B workload for Phil and Royce.
  15. Freeman and Lindsay especially will get work in the passing game.
  16. Devontae Booker may need to start sweating.
  17. DaeSean Hamilton is quietly consistent.

Some of the 10 above shouldn’t be huge surprises. Noah Fant has earned the ire of a few local radio guys because of drops but has also been a key receiver on a bunch of touchdown passes so far. Neither of these things should really surprise you if you’ve read or studied him at all coming out of Iowa.

Vic Fangio’s quote about Lock “not being a quarterback yet” got a lot of play by the national media, but A) he said the same thing about Josh Watson as a linebacker, and B) we knew this. I said as much before the draft that Lock had the best arm talent of this past QB crop, but also had a “dizzying amount of mechanical work he’d need to refine.” Combine that with his penchant for risk-taking and he’s going to have some highlight plays for both sides of the ball in camp.

Speaking of quarterbacks, even if Lock is a bit of a roller coaster, all news suggests, he’s having a markedly better camp than Kevin Hogan, who’s at risk of falling behind Brett Rypien in the QB pecking order. The question has moved from “is Hogan QB2?” to “Is he more than a camp arm?”

Austin Fort has to be considered a big-time surprise at this point. At least one week in, all reports have suggested he’s been the Broncos most consistent receiving tight end. Without any idea as to most of the routes he’s running, I’d still advise you to keep your expectations muted. But he’s gone from long shot to a potential contender for the active roster. That’s big.

Langley, Benson and Jackson were three I expected to compete through special teams. On the first few days of camp, both Langley and Jackson got some gushing reports from Benjamin Allbright, especially with Langley making the biggest catch in the first practice. Benson has been rotating in with the first team offense the last few days and got some love from 9News’ Mike Klis. All three are exciting athletes who have continued to flash with the pads on.

As of now, I’d say Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick, and Juwann Winfree look like locks for the receiver room. As I laid out here, it would be a huge shock if the Broncos don’t carry 6 receivers. Very early, but if Langley and Benson keep this up, could it be seven?

One thing Andrew Mason and Ryan Edwards mentioned last night that shouldn’t be ignored is how Booker may not be a lock for the final roster. It’s worth keeping up with, as Booker’s in the final year of his deal. I’ve mentioned before if Freeman and Lindsay can grow as receivers and one of the younger backs shines, it’d threaten Book. It sure sounds like that is the case. The one thing that makes it a bit hard to cut him is Jackson and Lindsay’s size. They are both shy of 200 pounds.

While I’m on the backs, I can’t help but think reflect on what I said in the offseason about how Freeman could get the starting nod. It will probably come down to the hot hand and what sets Scangarello and the Broncos use to open games. They will almost certainly split duties more evenly than what happened in 2018.

One reason I’m holding onto this belief is what Scangarello said over the weekend:

“Royce and Lindsay are perfect complements,” Scangarello said Sunday. “It kind of reminds me of Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman in Atlanta. They [have] different skill sets, they’re both talented in their own way, they’ll both be able to [use] their strengths so they can be the best players they can be. Royce is big, he’s physical in pass protection. That’s a big deal in the NFL, that durability that comes with it. As far as running the football in the scheme, they both can do it. One’s just probably going to do it with a little bit more physicality and the other’s going to make you miss.”

Barclay is a name most haven’t noticed. He’s a reserve lineman who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers. So far in camp he’s been the guard rotating in most often as the coaching staff eases Ron Leary back into work.

While we’re talking about the offensive line, Elijah Wilkinson got praise by name from Rich Scangarello on Sunday. It sparked a bit of a stir in some corners of the local media. 104.3 The Fan discussed at length when Bolles would get benched for the undrafted Wilkinson Monday morning.

If Fangio wanted to send a message, throwing Wilkinson out with the 1s at some point in the next couple weeks could serve as a shock to the 2017 first-round pick. Perhaps, the praise for Wilkinson is because he’s improved, though. Adam Gotsis seemed to think so:

Eli’s really good. He has heavy hands, good feet. If he gets those paws on you, he’s going to lock you down. It’s been awesome to watch him grow from when he came in as a rookie as well. He’s just gotten better, better and better. He ended up playing a bunch of games for us last year, did awesome. Came in, stepped up when ‘Big Ron’ [Leary] went out and did awesome. It’s exciting to see Eli and what he’s going to do this year. He’s a hell of a football player.”

For a big chunk of the first week, there wasn’t much news about Hamilton. That changed the last two days when he had two different one-handed catches. KOA’s Ryan Edward’s mentioned that, “the one guy I haven’t said much about drops is DaeSean Hamilton,” and goes on to say how consistent he’s been. This is a really good thing when you look at who he’s been up against.

I’ve given Juwann Winfree a bit of the same treatment I did with Courtland Sutton last year. There’s been more than a handful of tweets out of camp remarking at this grab or that grab, but little in the way of who he was snagging these passes on. Then came Day 3.

Then he hit Winfree down the left sideline past Bryce Callahan and Kareem Jackson for a 41-yard completion that was the offense’s longest gain of the day.

I’m paying attention now.


  1. Isaac Yiadom looks poised to make a jump in year 2.
  2. Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson look like the safeties.
  3. Justin Simmons is heading towards a breakout year.
  4. Fangio is rotating everyone at the LB spot Davis’ injury left open.
  5. DeMarcus Walker had a good practice. Really, he did.
  6. Tip picks have been a huge part of camp so far.
  7. Malik Reed has earned praise almost every day.
  8. Von Miller and Bradley Chubb look great. Hardly surprising, still welcome.
  9. The D has dominated the O.

I’ll be the first to admit Kareem Jackson at safety has been a bit of a shock, even after all the reports out of OTAs. Having watched both Parks and Yiadom’s 2018, I would have thought it made more sense to get Parks onto the field and keep Yiadom as a reserve this season. Kudos to the Broncos 2018 third-round pick for seeming to make a big jump and earning Fangio’s and Ed Donatell’s trust so far. I hope he can keep it up.

Justin Simmons is getting a lot of hype as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new defense. I’m buying it after taking a close look at him last month. Under Fangio, he should play a lot more high safety, which will give him opportunities to work as the robber, a role he looked like an All-Pro at last season.

I wrote late last week how DeMarcus Walker’s skillset is a better fit as a defensive tackle (a 2i or 3 technique, more specifically) rather than the 3-4 defensive end he played for Vance Joseph last year. Then he went out and had the best practice of his career, per reports. Don’t throw dirt on him yet.

One of the things that has been a consistent story line the last couple of days is how dominant the D has been over the O. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen Broncos football the last couple of seasons. I’d be a lot more concerned if it was the other way around because A) the Broncos’ best chance will be to win through their defense, and B) offense tends to be slower to come around in camp.

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Fant, who hauled in 18 touchdown catches combined over his last two seasons at Iowa, showcases 4.50 speed, and if he doesn’t start in Week 1, it would seem as if it’s only a matter of time before the job is his. Nonetheless, Jeff Heuerman signed a two-year deal in March following a 10-start 2018 campaign. Opportunity came Heuerman’s way after Butt, who was off to a solid start to the season, was injured. Fumagalli spent his rookie season on IR. Thus, the tight end situation with the Broncos has been marked by injuries and revolving doors. The reality of it is, there’s plenty of depth at the position, but Fant should speed away from the pack.

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Denver Broncos news: Drew Lock has been working on his footwork

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FOA -Denver Broncos Sample

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If Garett Bolles fails, his replacement has started to emerge

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