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Terrell Davis looks forward to Phillip Lindsay breaking his records with the Broncos

The Hall of Fame Broncos great talks about his relationship with Phillip Lindsay and the special bond they share over #30.

Terrell Davis joined Brandon Krisztal on KOA news radio today to discuss what he’s seen from Denver so far during camp, and also talked about his relationship with Phillip Lindsay.

We all remember how Lindsay sought out Davis early last season to ask his permission to wear the #30. Davis said that’s how their relationship started and they have been keeping in touch via text and phone calls ever since.

After hearing Lindsay’s story, Davis said him taking on #30 “just made sense...this was meant to be.”

Davis said he saw that Phillip wanted to wear #30 not because he wants to be the next Terrell Davis, but because it represents something bigger. “You know this is not about you wearing #30 and trying to walk in my footsteps, it’s about #30 representing something that means a lot to you, and that’s the underdog,” Davis said. “He saw in me, what’s in him; and that was a guy that started at the bottom and made it to the top.”

Lindsay certainly has had an unorthodox entrance into the NFL that mirrors Terrell Davis. Both were underdog, low drafted/undrafted guys whose heart and competitive fire overcome any physical limitations for which the rest of the league may have passed them over.

The Hall of Famer said he looks forward to being on the sideline several years from now watching Lindsay break his Broncos records. Davis currently holds 46 Broncos Franchise rushing records, so Lindsay has a long way to go, but it’s really cool to hear an all-time Bronco great talk so humbly about wanting to pass the torch to the next generation and how excited he is for Lindsay to wear his number and all that represents.

Check out the full interview above.