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Broncos training camp: Day 6 live updates

The Denver Broncos are back at it with their sixth training camp practice session. Here is what is going on today.

The Denver Broncos had a day off yesterday and will have their first late practice session of training camp for Day 6. The Broncos training camp schedule has the team starting practice at 2:00 p.m. Mile High time today and ending at 4:45 p.m.

The players had a day off on Tuesday, Head Coach Vic Fangio and his staff did not.

“We’ll work a normal day tomorrow,” Fangio said on Monday. “We’ll work the rest of today obviously. We still have meetings with the players this afternoon and we’ll work a normal day tomorrow, come in early and work up until dinner.”

One thing people have noticed from Broncos training camp so far is that Fangio likes to hold a longer practice than the previous regime. He was asked about that on Monday also and his answer was interesting.

“I just think guys have to practice,” Fangio said. “The only way you get better is to practice and get more reps. One thing you all need to keep in mind is there are 90 guys out there. Although we’re out there a long time, there’s nobody getting more than maybe a third of the reps, so individually it’s not that long other than being out there.”

Stay tuned to Mile High Report as Broncos camp continues.

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