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Bradley Chubb makes NFL Top 100 list at No. 82

The Denver Broncos have two pretty good pass rushers. Bradley Chubb’s rookie year was enough to put him in the NFL’s Top 100.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After logging 12 sacks as a rookie last year, Bradley Chubb immediately lived up to his fifth-overall selection by the Denver Broncos. He is well on his way to multiple Pro Bowls and even some All-Pro selections. Chubb is the perfect complement to Von Miller.

He makes the NFL Top 100 list at number 82. And he’s just getting started.

Chubb is poised to have a monster season under new Head Coach Vic Fangio. The predictability that has plagued the Broncos defense over the last several years is gone and with it, Chubb’s responsibilities have grown. We’ll see him move around quite a bit on the defensive line in 2019.

“We did a lot of moving around in OTA’s and stuff,” Chubb said. “I would sometimes be in a five-technique with my hand in the ground, three-technique sometimes, Von [Miller] sometimes in a three-technique. Just moving us around, giving the offense not knowing exactly where we’re going to be lined up as, I feel like it’s going to be an advantage for us.”

Rankings are kind of useless from a practical standpoint, but for a player coming out of his first season it is further proof he has officially arrived in the NFL. Now it’s time to watch him and Von Miller wreak havoc on the field this season.