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Kelvin McKnight steals the spotlight

The undrafted rookie receiver had a great practice on Friday and joined Broncos Country Tonight.

All an undrafted rookie looks for is a chance.

To show his teammates, coaches and organization that he can play in the NFL. If he can take advantage of that chance, the dream moves a little bit closer to reality.

On Friday at Denver Broncos training camp, undrafted receiver Kelvin McKnight got that chance and he pounced. As Andrew Mason said in his story, McKnight seized his opportunity to play with Joe Flacco and the No. 1 offense. In the move-the-ball period, McKnight had three catches for 26 yards — the offense gained 50 for the session.

After practice, the rookie from Samford talked with Mase, Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards for Broncos Country Tonight on 850 KOA. When asked by Allbright what he brings to the Broncos that nobody else does, McKnight said this:

“A guy that is just very humble, head down,” he said. “Don’t really like to complain. Never like to get complacent. Is just ready to work every day.”