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Fans encouraged to attend stadium event today

Head Coach Vic Fangio wants some noise at this stadium event and who better to provide it than Denver Broncos fans?

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The Denver Broncos will continue their training camp sessions today with a stadium event that is free for fans to attend. If you live locally, I personally cannot fathom of something better to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Head Coach Vic Fangio would love to see record numbers to this event. I got the impression, he’d like to run some crowd noise drills.

“Hopefully we’ll have a decent crowd, 50,000 or so maybe,” Fangio said. “Is that doable? What’s the weather for tomorrow? Like this? Nice. 50. Broncos Country has to come out. It will be good for those young guys especially some of these guys that have been at small schools where they don’t see a crowd or a stadium that big. It can be a little imposing. Hopefully it helps them for next Thursday and the rest of preseason and moving forward. I think there’s benefit to it. That’s why we did it. We didn’t have to do it. They asked me if I wanted to do it and I said, ‘Yeah. let’s do it.’”

Who could say ‘no’ to Vic freaking Fangio? As a non-local fan, I can only sit idly by and hope to see our fan base represent.

Fangio went on to note how important of a training tool it would be to have tens of thousands of fans in attendance for this team. But more importantly, it was a chance to get out there on a real football field for a session.

“I like that part of it,” Fangio said of the stadium event. “I do think the fans can come out, but also did it for us just to go down there, new staff, players, just get in an NFL stadium. That’s a pretty nice stadium down there. Pretty imposing. I think it’s good.”

If you do plan on attending - and Mile High Salute to you if you are - there is some important information to consider.

You will need a free ticket, which you can download through Ticketmaster. You will need to enter through Gates 4, 8, and 10 and parking can also be pre-purchased for $10 through Ticketmaster.

It’s free, so get your butts out there and give Fangio, his new staff, and all of the new players, a proper Broncos Country welcome.

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