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For some reason, the Broncos Top 100 included an all-time Raider legend

What an embarrassment that the Denver Broncos couldn’t find 100 players to honor in their Top 100 list that didn’t include an Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame player.

The Denver Broncos put on a vote from the fans to find the Top 100 Broncos’ players of all-time. A list that has many of the greatest players ever to don the orange and blue. It’s also a list that included some head scratchers of both players included and excluded.

For me, there is one that should have been automatically vetoed by the powers that be who ran this vote. That veto should have been for Willie Brown. Was he a great player? Yes. Was he an obvious Hall of Fame talent? Yes. Was he a Denver Bronco for a short time? Sure. Is he a Broncos all-time great? Hell to the no.

In 1967, Lou Saban traded Brown and quarterback Mickey Slaughter to the Oakland Raiders for a third round pick and some backup defensive lineman in what has been pegged as the greatest trade in Raiders franchise history. The Broncos got utterly screwed by their archrival, so what do we do? We vote Brown into the Broncos Top 100 list. Seriously?

I’ll give you a player to replace Brown with. Tim freaking Tebow. Was Tebow a great player? No. Was he an obvious Hall of Fame talent? LOL, no. Was he a Denver Broncos for a short time? Sure. Is he a Broncos all-time great? Absolutely and I’ll explain why.

Tebow in 2011 did something amazing that will likely never be repeated in Broncos history. He won game after game he shouldn’t have won in one of the wildest and exciting rides this fan has ever experienced in a non-Super Bowl winning season. That season alone is worth every penny of the three seasons Brown threw away in Denver and the humiliating trade the Raiders laughed at ‘the Donkeys’ for making and why Tim freaking Tebow should be on that Broncos Top 100 list long before Willie ‘Mr. Raider’ Brown is.

But that’s just this Raider-hating fans’ very biased opinion.

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