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Projected Broncos’ roster heading into the Hall of Fame game

The first Denver Broncos depth chart is out, but where do things go from here? Let’s project the Broncos 53-man roster.

As someone who has spent the last six months watching and re-watching 2018 tape, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be within hours of the Denver Broncos preseason kicking off. Yes, it’s going to be the Broncos third string matching up against the Atlanta Falcons third string, but it isn’t Case Keenum dropping back. It isn’t Bradley Roby falling asleep on a route. It isn’t Shane Ray getting run over.

Instead, Broncos Country has five games to speculate on what the final roster’s going to look like. To help that process, I’ve done a little digging into Shanahan and Fangio’s roster construction in the past here, and have followed every report coming out of camp.

What follows is how I see things now. Again, it’s very early. To help clarify, I tried to break things down into three different categories:

  • Names in bold are those I considered hard locks for the roster, I would be surprised if any of them get cut.
  • Italicized names are those I consider penciled in, based on reports, numbers, or film.
  • Everyone else is still looking at the bubble.

Let’s get started.

Special Teams

K: Brandon McManus

LS: Casey Kreiter

P: Colby Wadman

Last week I wouldn’t have been so certain on Colby Wadman, but with the decision to move on from Justin Vogel after all of a couple days of camp looks like a pretty clear vote of confidence.


5-7 Defensive Linemen

Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, Adam Gotsis, Zach Kerr, Dre’Mont Jones

DeMarcus Walker

Mike Purcell, Billy Winn, Deyon Sizer, DeShawn Williams

This is one of the bigger position battles to watch this preseason and reports out of camp have hardly illuminated much. Defensive linemen are typically a position group that gets looked over by most reporters. Oftentimes you’ll read a tweet such as “Kevin Hogan’s pass tipped at the line,” with no idea who did it.

With that in mind, DeMarcus Walker looks like the leader for what’s probably the last spot out of this group. Vic Fangio’s going to realistically base the defense out of nickel personnel, so most of these players will log the majority of their snaps as interior rushers. That fits Walker’s game a lot better than the previous scheme.

4-5 Edge Rushers

Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Justin Hollins*

Dekoda Watson,

Jeff Holland, Aaron Wallace, Malik Reed, Ahmad Gooden

Hollins makes this prediction tough. Everything I’ve read out of camp suggests the Broncos coaching staff has been working him as an off-ball linebacker more than as an edge rusher. His skill set suggests he could contribute in either role. Until I can get an eye on his snap distribution in the preseason, it makes more sense to assume that’s how he impacts the rest of the roster.

Watson could be a lock at this point. Broncos Insider Andrew Mason has suggested as much because of what he contributes as a special teamer. I’m not so sure, if only because I’ve heard so little of him out of practice while Jeff Holland and Malik Reed have popped up on reports quite a bit.

Both are young guys who didn’t get drafted. I wrote about Reed here and looked at Jeff Holland last week. At the moment, I’d consider Holland the leader in the bubble race. Reed is one of those players who really illustrates how messy depth charts are this early in the process. Every report out of camp suggests he’s been doing a really solid job. I need to see him in NFL action, but currently believe he’ll wind up on the final roster.

4-5 Linebackers

Todd Davis, Josey Jewell, Justin Hollins*

Alexander Johnson, Joseph Jones, Josh Watson, Keishawn Bierria, Joe Dineen

An optimist will tell you how Todd Davis’ injury is actually a blessing in disguise, as it provides all of the young guys a chance to play with the first team defense. A pessimist will tell you how there has to be concern Davis’ injury means the Broncos’ best linebacker won’t be at 100% all year. A realist will tell you both are the case and John Elway can cut Todd Davis after this year to save $5 million against the cap if Fangio and the Broncos coaching staff deems him expendable.

At last Thursday’s presser, the Broncos head coach sounded pleased with his second year linebacker:

“He’s been good. Josey’s been on top of his stuff from day one. I think every day—although he’s been pretty sharp—he learns something new, a thing or two every day that’s new to him or an adjustment or a route that he hadn’t seen yet and it’s good for him. He’s doing very well.”

Again, Justin Hollins complicates the projection. Reports suggest he’s playing a lot of his reps inside. He’s had good and bad moments so far and is currently listed as an Edge, not a backer. Where the staff plays him this preseason will give a lot of hints as to how they see him.

The other two players that I’ve noticed are Joe Jones and Alexander Johnson. Jones brings the kind of athleticism that most assume Fangio needs in the second level, while Johnson has taken a road less traveled to the NFL after a pretty good career at Tennessee.

Josh Watson looks like he’s in the mix, though the fact that he’s out of CSU may be inflating how often reporters have noticed him. If the Broncos keep five linebackers, he may be in a fight with Keishawn Bierria and Joe Dineen.

Hopefully some clarity comes form the Hall of Fame game.

Don’t sleep on Joseph Jones.
Casey Barrett / Mile High Report

5-7 Cornerbacks

Chris Harris, Bryce Callahan, Isaac Yiadom

De’Vante Bausby

Horace Richardson, Linden Stephens, Trey Johnson, Alijah Holder

Kareem Jackson’s status as a safety and Justin Simmon’s versatility complicates this projection a little. When I looked at Fangio’s Bears rosters, he never carried less than 6 cornerbacks on the active roster. With two safeties bringing NFL cornerback experience, that number could potentially drop down to five.

Isaac Yiadom’s development could turn this into one of the stronger position groups on the team, so long as Callahan and Harris stay healthy. Word out of camp has hinted that Yiadom’s made a big jump in his second training camp. If you’re new to Bausby, he’s the former AAF interception leader and played with Vic Fangio back in 2016. All reports suggest he’ll be CB4.

This may sound familiar, but the bubble competition is hard to suss out right now. Cornerback is one of those positions that only really get talked about when they pick off passes, even if the job is 100 other things. So it should be a wee bit illuminating that the coaching staff has Linden Stephens and Horace Richarson are currently slated as the CB5 and CB6 on the roster.

4-5 Safeties

Kareem Jackson, Justin Simmons, Will Parks

Su’a Cravens, Dymonte Thomas, Trey Marshall, Jamal Carter, Shamarko Thomas

Another position battle that’s going to be a bit murky until it isn’t, reports have suggested Marshall has had some good plays early on. Dymonte Thomas brings a skill set that looks like a good fit in the Fangio system.

More than once, I’ve read how Su’a Cravens is taking to a real safety job better than expected, so he’s my early sleeper here. He brings the kind of pedigree and athleticism that offers a tantalizing upside. His performance in coverage last year does leave me in a bit of a “wait and see” situation though.


Offensive Line 8-10

Garett Bolles, Dalton Risner, Connor McGovern, Ja’Wuan James

Ronald Leary, Elijah Wilkinson, Don Barclay

Jake Brendel, Sam Jones, Chaz Green, Quinn Bailey, John Leglue, Jake Rodgers, Austin Schlottmann, Ryan Crozier

Tentatively, I’d guess the top 7 guys are all soft locks for the roster. Leary is a question if only because of his health, and the way the coaching staff has managed him through camp suggests there is a small possibility he could wind up a surprise cut near the final down. Andrew Mason has predicted Wilkinson will wind up the Broncos 6th OL, as he can fill in at every position except for maybe center.

Barclay has shared first team reps with Jake Brendel when Leary is out. That’s one position that definitely bears monitoring.

Behind them, Sam Jones and Chaz Green look like the more safe bets. Every other name on the list I’ve yet to hear about, which may be a good thing, but it means I can’t make any proclamations until I can see them in action.

Hope remains Mike Munchak can find some keepers out of the Broncos young linemen.
Casey Barrett / Mile High Report

Tight End 3-4

Jeff Heuerman, Noah Fant

Troy Fumagalli, Austin Fort, Jake Butt, Bug Howard, Moral Stephens

Heuerman’s contract locks him in for this season. Noah Fant was the Broncos’ first round pick. After that, things get interesting: a news report by KOA’s Benjamin Allbright last week hinted that the Broncos offense is going to feature a lot of two tight end sets. This adds even more intrigue to a prediction by Andrew Mason that the Broncos would carry four tight ends.

If both reports are true, Bug Howard is going to be the name this preseason. He’s a converted wide receiver and seemingly offers the closest skill set to Noah Fant. Of course, he’s also coming back from an injury he suffered last Thursday.

Injuries have also impacted Jake Butt and Troy Fumagalli’s availability so far in camp. With all of the absences ahead of him, as well as Fangio’s philosophy to give all players a chance to shine, Austin Fort has been the story of camp so far. Every local media outlet has commented on how consistent he’s been. It’ll be fun to see if the undrafted rookie out of Wyoming can keep that up come game time.

Austin Fort is making it hard to root against him.
Casey Barrett / Mile High Report

Wide Receiver - 6+

Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick

Juwann Winfree

Fred Brown, Trinity Benson, Brendan Langley, Kelvin McKnight, River Cracraft, Steven Dunbar, Jamarious Way, Nick Williams

Winfree has been the hot rookie most of camp. So much so that it looks as though he’s locked himself into the fifth receiver spot heading into the games. Both facts are significant because talent was never the question for the 6’1 210 lb Winfree, injuries and collegiate production was. If he can stay healthy, he brings a mix of size and athletic tools.

The second part of Winfree’s standout performance so far is the waterfall effect it has on the rest of the receivers. It’s a bit of an educated guess to suggest the Scangarello offense will carry six receivers, but looking back at Kyle Shanahan’s roster construction dating back to his time with Washington, he carried less than 6 receivers once. In October of 2013, he had five on the roster before bumping that number to seven by season’s end. Every other month I looked at, he had six or more.

That still means there’s probably four or five guys realistically fighting for maybe two spots, tops. Reports have hinted that Brendan Langley, Trinity Benson, Kelvin McKnight, and now Nick Williams have had big moments, while River Cracraft’s been out hurt. Then yesterday Fred Brown landed on the depth chart ahead of all of them.

I suspect special teams will play a huge role in who sticks around on the active roster.

Running backs 3-4

Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman

Devontae Booker

Khalfani Muhammad, Devontae Jackson, David Williams

Theo Riddick?

The last week has made it pretty clear the Broncos aim to use Lindsay as a receiving threat more often in 2019. If and when he plays in the preseason, any hint of that is what I’m going to be looking for. Lindsay caught 117 passes during his career at Colorado.

Freeman hauled in 79 passes during his time at Oregon, as well. Even if the Broncos receiving corps didn’t contain so many unknowns, better utilizing both 2nd year backs as receivers should only help the offense as a whole.

Which brings me to Booker. Local radio and many in Broncos Country have begun to speculate that he’ll be supplanted by one of the more exciting young options behind him. I was skeptical until ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported the Broncos were bringing Theo Riddick in for a visit yesterday morning.

During practice, reports emerged that Riddick left Denver without a deal. Even still, it comes as a bit of a sign of where the coaching staff may see Booker, who enters the last year of his rookie contract.

My time looking at last year’s offense, as well as Joe Mahoney’s look at Keenum’s sacks in 2018 made it clear that Booker is not the rock solid pass protector some suggest he is. Still, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t still the best route runner from the backfield last season.

Booker’s also one of two backs after Freeman who weigh in over 200 lbs, which matters to many coaching staffs. Just a hunch, but I’d think he sticks to the roster this year unless he falls apart in the preseason or David Williams blows up.

As for D-Jax and Muhammad, both look more like RB4 and returner candidates. Jackson was turning heads early in camp while Muhammad has gotten more hype lately. Both make Lindsay look big.

Fullback - 1

Andy Janovich

George Aston

At present, it sure looks like Aston’s likely destination is the practice squad for a year as the Broncos ride out the last term of Janovich’s contract.

Examining A Possible Contract Extension For Andy Janovich – Thin Air

If Aston does not remain with the Broncos in any capacity, extension talks with Janovich should ramp up. Should he prove to provide comparable contribution to Janovich at a much cheaper price to what I’ve outlined above, then it becomes evident to let Janovich walk in unrestricted free agency. The tougher question is if Aston’s play is clearly inferior to Janovich now, but he still makes the practice squad. That scenario, which could be a likely one, could put both sides in a wait and see mode as Aston continues to strive to improve while on the practice squad in 2019.

Quarterbacks 2-3

Joe Flacco, Drew Lock

Brett Rypien, Kevin Hogan

My guess for the biggest reason drama about Garett Bolles, Devontae Booker, or Noah Fant is getting stirred up right here. Quarterback battles are routinely the high point for drama, and this year’s feud is anything but.

Joe Flacco is the established veteran who has seen it all before. Whether you like him, love him, or loathe him, he’ll start week one. Behind him, it sure sounds like Drew Lock looks.... exactly as I thought he would in his first training camp. Last Friday Denver’s Cecil Lammey went on the air to voice his dismay at this.

Saturday’s stadium practice brought all of the gushing reports about how much better he looked. At least, right up until he threw a pick six to Adam Gotsis to finish practice. This doesn’t diminish how he looked earlier, but continues to hammer home how Lock will look if pressed into action this year: a lot like Jay Cutler back in 2006.

Just in case you didn’t follow along with Mile High Report leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft, I had this to say months before Elway took Lock at 42:

Lock also has plenty of moments where he looks comfortable throwing on the run and has the kind of arm to make off platform throws. Another reason Broncos Country should be excited if he’s in orange and blue this Fall? Lock has that Brett Favre mentality to look for big plays and has flashed improvisational skills that a certain AFC West rival QB was celebrated for all of 2018.

Ironically, this strength of his also exposes one of his biggest weaknesses. Far too often he doesn’t connect his lower body with his upper as he’s making throws. This leads to wild bouts of inaccuracy and long term concerns about him as a QB prospect.

This isn’t meant as a shot at the Broncos rookie. After all, I had him as the second best scheme fit among all the collegiate passers coming out last April. The fact is, some quarterbacks come in and look ready to go from the jump. Others, such as Lock, look as though it will hurt their long term benefit:

My biggest concern with Lock is that he’ll be rushed into action too soon. Media and fan pressure will be immense from the minute Elway calls him on April 25th. The PR team will sell us on Joe Flacco as the starter, but it’s not as if Lamar Jackson didn’t just supplant him in Baltimore. I strongly believe that the Missouri Tiger needs a redshirt year to reach his ceiling. Rushed into action he’ll resort to survival tactics, and many of the crippling inconsistencies you see in his college tape will linger into his pro career.

If he has the time to truly iron out his issues, I think he has a franchise arm. The good plays are hard to ignore, but they don’t erase the bad ones.

The problem many encounter in the NFL is a rabid fanbase and media looking to monetize the drama and excitement a potential franchise savior brings. This leads to controversy that eventually kicks rookie passers onto the field early in their careers. If they make it, great. If not, the media moves onto the next story line.

Most quarterbacks are flash fried, even if they need to be slow cooked. There’s an incredible number of reasons young passers don’t work out, but draft analysts too often overlook the organizational responsibility in it.

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Coleman was thought to be a potential fixture in three-receiver sets for New York in 2019 after the Giants retooled their wide receiving corps to fit their post-OBJ reality. But now he is most likely lost for the year.

Golden Tate appealing four-game PED suspension – ProFootballTalk

The news keeps getting worse for the Giants at wide receiver. After losing wide receiver Sterling Shepard to a broken thumb and wide receiver Corey Coleman to a torn ACL, the Giants may now lose veteran wide receiver Golden Tate to a PED suspension.

Training Camp Buzz: Fitz impressed by Kyler Murray -

”I think that’s going to give us a great advantage, to play fast from the first preseason game all the way to the start of the regular season and giving him the keys to the car and letting him is going to be great for us.”

Cardinals cut former first-rounder Robert Nkemdiche -

The Arizona Cardinals announced that they released former first-rounder Robert Nkemdiche on Saturday. The defensive lineman played in just 27 games over three seasons.