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Ian Rapoport: If Flacco stays healthy and plays well, Denver is an above .500 team

NFL insider Ian Rapoport gives his thoughts on the Broncos outlook this season.

Ian Rapoport joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA radio to give his thoughts on Denver’s outlook for the upcoming season (starting around the 6:30 mark).

Not surprisingly, his prediction for the team centered heavily around the quarterback play.

“If you were going to tell me that Joe Flacco was going to be healthy for sixteen games, and play like he did for the first four games last year, I would say the Broncos are an above .500 team.” Rapoport went on to say 9-7 is around where he thinks Denver could land if Flacco plays well and stays healthy, given Denver’s defense and running game providing support.

This isn’t too far off from what I think we are all feeling here in Broncos Country, even if the exact record prediction may vary. It all hinges on which Joe Flacco is going to be playing for Denver in 2019.

To Rapoport’s point, in his first four games in 2018 Flacco had two games over 100 QB rating, three games above 250 yards passing, and an 8/2 TD to INT ratio.

However, as we have been talking about since he was brought in, will you be getting 2014/early 2018 Flacco, or the underwhelming career numbers Joe Flacco who hasn’t been to the playoffs in the last four years?

That question is the key to determining how far Denver will go, according to the NFL insider Rapoport.

What are your thoughts, Broncos Country? Is 9-7 Denver’s ceiling if Flacco is healthy and plays well?

The guys also caught up with Rich Scangarello after practice today, and he talked about how difficult Fangio’s defense is to play against in practice. Check that out below.