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Jamal Carter says shift to inside linebacker gets him “close to the action”

“Linebacker is closer to the trenches. I’m a trenches dude, I’m a front line guy”

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The news came out a few days ago that Denver was moving Jamal Carter to inside linebacker after they experienced several injuries at the position.

Vic Fangio at the time said it was a move that Jamal asked for, and it would be on a bit of a trial basis to see how he did inside.

“We’re going to move him to inside linebacker right now. Right now, it’s temporary, but if he looks good in there it will be permanent. It’s twofold. Our numbers have gotten low there and he’s always wanted to play in there, so the timing was good. He wants to be in there”, Fangio said.

He also spoke to what he will be looking for from Jamal to see if he fits inside:

“Just watch him and see if you think he fits. I know that sounds easy, but you kind of know what a linebacker should look like in the NFL and just looking to see if he looks like that because he doesn’t know everything right now and what he’s supposed to do. Obviously all the DBs think they can be linebackers until somebody fires out at them, one of those guards or tackles. See how he handles that too.

Carter doesn’t seem too worried about taking on those guards or tackles. When speaking today with KOA radio, Carter said he liked linebacker because it puts him “close to the action.” “Linebacker is closer to the trenches”, he told Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason, “I’m a trenches dude, I’m a front line guy.”

Ryan Edwards pointed out that he was a pretty physical guy at safety and asked if that helps him translate his game to the inside. “Yeah, that definitely will help me. With the big ole linemen, gotta take them on, use my hands. But I’m already physical and I’m quicker than them. I’m gonna give em hell.”

It sounds like Carter is excited about his new role, and ready to get out there and help his team at this new position. When asked what he was looking to do in Monday’s game against the 49ers he replied while smiling, “Make plaayss. Make plays and bring that energy.”

Be watching for #20 out there on Monday.