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Gallery: Day 17 of Broncos training camp

The Denver Broncos completed their public training camp sessions. Attendance was light, but one young fan had a pretty awesome moment with Von Miller.

The Denver Broncos wrapped up Day 17 of training camp as the final day fans would be able to come out and attend the practice sessions. The attendance for the final day of training camp seemed a little light, but perhaps the show ending on a Tuesday was the cause.

Head Coach Vic Fangio thanked fans for coming out all Summer and hopes the team will win enough games to see the bank full next year.

“I was glad to have them out here and I thank them for coming,” Fangio said. “Maybe we’ll win enough this year that the bank will be full next year.”

For the rest of the week the Broncos will host the San Francisco 49ers with some joint practice sessions. Those sessions will be similar to what fans witnessed during every other day of training camp, except it will be against the other team.

“There will be no tackling,” Fangio said of the joint practice sessions. “It will be just like watching our practice except we’re going against them.”

The teams will play on Monday, August 19th.