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Courtland Sutton is ready to finish drives for the Broncos

Courtland Sutton knos the Broncos must finish drives in the red zone to win games.

In his second season, Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton has a chance at being a big play receiver. He joined Ryan Edwards on Broncos Country Tonight on KOA News Radio to discuss offensive timing, his connection with Joe Flacco, and his dust up with Emmanuel Sanders.

The offense has to be better in 2019 if Denver wants to go anywhere. For Sutton, things seem to be coming together, and Flacco seems to be getting more comfortable with the receivers. Those connections will be huge for the Broncos to be able to improve on offense.

Sutton is talented enough to become a number one receiver in the NFL. He also recognizes his importance to the offense’s success, finishing drives with touchdowns rather than field goals. Finishing drives will be a major factor in the amount of success the Broncos find in 2019.

With confidence building, and the offense looking more and more comfortable, there is cause for hope in Broncos Country. Courtland Sutton is a big part of the excitement that many fans are already feeling.

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