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FanPulse: Broncos fans feeling cautiously optimistic about 2019 season

Denver Broncos fans have taken a survey to give us an idea of how confident the fan base is with the direction the franchise is heading.

Broncos training camp Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

SB Nation FanPulse continues into the preseason and it is now sponsored by Yahoo Sports! Join today to give your opinion on the Broncos each week throughout the season.

We have been tracking Denver Broncos fans opinion on the state of the franchise and how confident we are its heading in the right direction. We did these FanPulse surveys throughout the season and will do so again this year, but hopefully we won’t witness the roller coaster ride of emotions that ultimately ended in a fiery crash where all hopes and dreams were dashed.

That would not be fun. The good news is, John Elway and the Broncos have done everything they could possibly do to get the franchise back on track quickly.

Broncos fan confidence over last eight months

After a tumultuous two seasons where the Broncos went 11-21, Elway mercifully made the decision to start over from scratch in 2019. This shows in how confidence went from an all-time low to respectable hope from the fan base.

  • End of Season: 28%
  • Free Agency: 69%
  • Pre-Draft: 75%
  • Post-Draft: 84%
  • Preseason: 71%

After reaching a high after the 2019 NFL Draft, Broncos Country seems to have taken a cautiously optimistic approach to these Broncos. Last season, we were approaching 95% confidence in the direction of the franchise and clearly we were pretty damn wrong. While I am personally feeling confidence this team is better, I would agree that I am about 70-75% confident - not 100% confident.

What we need to see from this team is wins. If they come out strong early in the season and play teams tough, then I could see confidence begin to soar. With the second-toughest strength of schedule in the NFL this season, it may be more about how the team plays than how many wins they rack up. Although, above .500 would do much to help turn the corner officially.

Who will not repeat as division champs in 2019?

All of SB Nation participated in a poll predicting which 2018 division winner will not repeat in 2019. The Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Texans led the way as teams fans think won’t repeat, with the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs as being the two they think will repeat.

So at least 1.90% of the voters in this poll must be delusional Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets fans. I personally voted for the Ravens. They will need to see tremendous growth from Lamar Jackson at the quarterback position if they are to hold of the upstart Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburgh Steelers and I’m not sure they’ll be able to do that.

Though I also think the Cowboys and Bears are also highly likely to come up short on the division title next season. Which teams do you think will not repeat in 2019?