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Bradley Chubb working on new moves in joint practices with 49ers

The Broncos edge rusher thinks these new moves will help him become an all-around, complete player.

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Bradley Chubb and the Denver Broncos finally got to face and “hit” a new offense.

Friday was the first day of joint practices at the UCHealth Training Center between the Broncos and San Francisco 49ers. It’s advance of the preseason game on Monday.

As Chubb told Benjamin Allbright, Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason for Broncos Country Tonight on News Radio 850 KOA, he’s the opportunity to work on new pass rush moves against an offensive tackle like Joe Staley.

“I can’t really do it against our tackles because they know how to prevent and stop it,” Chubb told the guys after Friday’s practice. “I’m just trying to see if I can get it (to work) on new guys or if I can work a little bit more myself. And I’m judging that off what I see out here in the next couple of days and after the game, and then come back next week ready to work.”

Mase had a great follow-up question: “With those new moves, how do you feel you’ll be different and improved from last year?”

“More of a threat when it comes to the pass rush,” Chubb replied. “Last year, I feel like it was a lot of me getting tired and getting in the middle of guys. Now I want to be more edges, working more on guys and not just doing the same thing over and over again and hoping it works. So just trying to become an all-around, complete player.”

Chubb also talked about how nice it is to face a new offense in practice and the similarities between Denver’s and San Fran’s.