The Day a Steeler fan became a die-hard Broncomaniac

The day was Nov 6,1977. This 12 year old. Steeler fan from Pittsburgh settled in to watch the Steelers play in Denver. The game was a 4pm ET start, which was unusual for most Steeler telecasts, but it felt very comfortable, and likeable. I had never seen the Broncos play and knew very little about them, their history or that glorious, amazing stadium. As a young kid growing up in Pittsburgh in the '70's, football dominance was in our blood. We had the 2 time Superbowl champion Steelers, as well as the 1976 college football champions, led by a local hometown Heisman winning running back named Tony Dorsett. Football glory was firmly embedded in our sports DNA, not to mention we were only a few years removed from baseball immortality with Roberto Clemente and the '71 world series champions, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Growing up in Pittsburgh in the '70's meant we were accustomed to championship quality and we took it for granted. I can remember vividly seeing the green grass of Mile High on that day, with the NFL shield on the 50 yard line- not a team logo on cold, unforgiving astro turf- and seeing 75,000 screaming fans clad in a sea of orange. I fell instantly in love with the blue helmets, white face masks and orange jerseys with the white pants.(To this day, still one of my all-time favorite uniforms, although the new-in-'97 blue jerseys will forever hold a special place in my heart, as that was the uniform of our 1st Superbowl victory). Back to Nov 6,1977- the exact moment this young Steeler fan converted to being a Broncomaniac for life- was watching Rick Upchurch return a Bobby Walden punt 87 yards for a touchdown. Hearing the thunderous cheers through my tv as Upchurch scored still stands as one of my defining moment as a sports fan. I can visualize now as clearly as when it happened 42 years ago. I was hooked. I still recall with magical wonder, the original #7 Craig Morton, as well as Haven Moses, Riley Odoms, Jack Dolbin, Rob Lytle, Jon Keyworth, and the famed Orange Crush defense, led by Alzado, Chavous, Carter, Gradishar,Jackson,Swenson,Rizzo,Wright,Thompson and Joe Collier. Magical memories from a magical time. I was lucky enough to be in Cleveland Stadium to witness THE DRIVE and unlucky enough to be in Jack Murphy to watch Doug Williams shred the Broncos, but nothing compares to the EXACT moment Rick Upchurch and 75,000 screaming fans transformed a Pittsburgh kid into a life-long die hard Bronco fan. And then came the next #7....WOW

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