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Broncos offense needs to execute against the Cardinals

While winning doesn’t matter, the offense needs to show they can finish drives.

As the Denver Broncos get ready to play their fourth preseason game, there are a few interesting storylines. On Broncos Country Tonight on KOA Radio, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Albright covered all of them. One big one for some is the need for the Broncos to put points on the board against Vance Joseph’s defense.

Throughout this preseason, the Broncos have struggled to put points on the board. The issue has grown into a concern for some fans. While the final score doesn’t really matter, the results are important. Joe Flacco and the rest of the offense have put together solid drives, but no finishes.

Is that a big deal? Will it matter when the regular season begins? I think the answer is not that simple. Fans want to see drives ending in touchdowns. It feels like the offense doesn’t know how to finish a drive. Albright’s take is clear. The offense doesn’t need to crush the Cardinals. This is still the preseason.

If this preseason has taught us anything, it is that the outcome is less than important. We all like to watch our team win games, but that doesn’t seem to be important to the coaching staff, players, or even many fans. What is important is how well the players execute the game plan,

Of course, finishing drives, and scoring points seem to fall under the guise of execution. Why isn’t it important in the preseason? Is it because players and coaches know what they want to see? As Albright said, the final score doesn’t matter, but whether players did their jobs does.

When Denver takes on the Arizona Cardinals in the 4th preseason game, don’t get wrapped up in the final score. It won’t help or hurt the Broncos playoff chances anyway.