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Mike Purcell awaits his fate with the Broncos

The veteran defensive lineman joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about how he keeps his sanity.

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Life on the bubble of a NFL roster comes with just about every emotion possible.

For veteran defensive lineman Mike Purcell, that’s his life right now for the Denver Broncos. You think you’re in a good spot and will make the team, but until it’s official you have no idea. It’s like the old adage, “Never put the cart before the horse.”

On top of Purcell’s great play over the course of the preseason and the subsequent release of Zach Kerr, he knows Vic Fangio and his defense having played for Fangio with the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears. Fangio was the 49ers’ defensive coordinator when Purcell was on their practice squad in 2013 and most of 2014. The two reunited in 2017 with the Bears.

As Purcell waits to find out his fate on the Broncos, he joined Broncos Country Tonight on KOA News Radio and talked about how he keeps his sanity.

“It’s difficult,” he said. “You want to stay away from media or you’re not trying to read into things too much. Now it’s Year Seven for me, I have my wife and kids out here and we can go out and do something fun. Being a local kid (Highlands Ranch) I can go out and spend some time at my high school. I went to school at the University of Wyoming, so that’s only about a two-hour drive if I wanted to go up there for a quick trip. They have a big game (vs Missouri on Saturday).

“Little things to keep myself busy, I’m fine with that.”

Purcell also talked about his play in the preseason and if he likes preseason games or scrimmages.

It would seem Purcell has a great shot at making Denver’s final roster, but until he knows for sure, he’ll experience just about every emotion possible.

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