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The Broncos cut Khalfani Muhammad, Devontae Jackson, backfield takes shape

The moves suggests Elway and the Broncos coaching staff are set on Devontae Booker as the 3rd down back ‘til Riddick is healthy.

Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
Muhammad could make the Broncos practice squad after flashing upside this preseason.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Broncos have cut diminutive speedster Khalfani Muhammad today.

Muhammad has flashed real promise this preseason after signing with the Broncos last December. A former track star who participated in Chad Ochocinco’s 40 yards of Gold this summer, his 52-yard run against the Arizona Cardinals helped cap off the Broncos 20-7 win.

There remains a possibility that Muhammad could make the Broncos practice squad as he offers some return and route running upside in addition to his work in the backfield. Unfortunately, injuries to a slew of veteran players made it tough to fit him onto the roster at this time.

Devontae Jackson’s release is less surprising if only because he has the same size questions Muhammad brought to the backfield but offered less versatility elsewhere. He flashes superior vision to Mo, but didn’t have the same steady hands or route running. Jackson didn’t stand out on special teams.

With Muhammad’s release, the Broncos healthy running back stable currently has Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman, and Devontae Booker. Theo Riddick is injured and his status remains up in the air.